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5 Tips to Stay Organized as a Homeschool Mom

It can be a struggle to stay organized as a homeschool mom. Piles of papers stack up on the kitchen table. Laundry is in a heap in the floor. You can’t remember when your kiddo’s next practice is. You don’t’ know if it’s your turn to bring snacks to your book club. Books are strung out all over the house and you honestly can’t even remember the last time you graded any homeschool work.

You’re left feeling overwhelmed and stretched far too thin. But a little organization could whip you into shape, you just don’t know where to start.

Today, we’re talking about 5 easy-to-use ideas that will help you stay organized as a homeschool mom.

Loving these tips to stay organized as a homeschool mom!

5 Tips to Stay Organized as a Homeschool Mom

Set up a Homeschool Closet:

We live in a pretty modest house, so when we started homeschooling, I had to get creative. I knew I didn’t want my entire home to look like an elementary school. I wanted my house to feel like “home” and not a public school classroom.

We had a room designated for doing our school. It didn’t take me long to discover that we prefered to learn snuggled up on the couch.

So we got rid of the homeschool room. With a little creativity, we turned our coat closet, in the living room, into a homeschool closet.

We keep our books and supplies in there, neatly tucked out of sight but oh-so-handy when you need something!

At the beginning of each school year, we pull everything out. This is quite a chore. But we only put back the books that the kids CHOOSE.

This is a simple way to keep all of our books organized and not store books that my kids have no interest in ever reading.

Color Code School Supplies:

One of my favorite ways to keep track of what belongs to who is by color-coding our homeschool supplies.

This works great with binders, folders, pens, school boxes, bins and just about everything else!

Just let each kiddo choose a color and then buy all of their supplies in their colors. It definitely helps me when I’m grading papers to know which folder belongs to which kid. I don’t need to search for names on papers.

Keep Educational Resources Handy:

One way I manage to stay organized as a homeschool mom is to fill the time gaps in our day,

Just because we’re in the car, doesn’t mean we can’t be learning!

We keep books and coloring books in the car, as well as audio books.

I also use technology to keep me on task. The kids can use an educational app, like Beehive, to review important lessons.

I can quickly see exactly what’ they’ve accomplished within the app, so I know where they’re struggling.

Be Consistent:

One of the easiest ways to stay organized in our homeschool is to be consistent. My kids know that after breakfast, we start our homeschool day. They go right for their language arts books and get started, without me asking. Then they do math, science and so forth.

After lunch, they know we need to clean up before moving on to the next thing. This has truly helped keep our house organized. We’re not all dragging out different curriculum at different points in the day.

A consistent schedule is the key to staying organized.

Loving these tips to stay organized as a homeschool mom!

Get Techy:

I’ve always been a paper planner girl. But as my kids have gotten older, I’ve realized it’s just not working for our family.

I still like to have a planner, so I found an app that works for our family. I figured out how to incorporate it so that it’s not a burden and helps keep me organized.

Now, at the beginning of each month, I sit down and add events, activities, school projects, practices and more to the Beehive app. Then, each Sunday, we do a family run-through of what the week has in store for us!

The Beehive app was clearly created for busy parents like me!

The app links to my Google calendar, syncing all of my important events. I can even share it with my husband. A weekly email ensures I know what’s on my plate for the upcoming week. Beehive merges every aspect of my busy life.

Beehive has been perfect for keeping me organized. I can see a snapshot of each child, as well as the entire family’s schedule.

I can keep our entire home running smoothly thanks to Beehive’s organization. I’m no longer missing important events, school projects or letting chores slide by without noticing.

Loving these tips to stay organized as a homeschool mom!

The “What’s Next” feature tells me everything I need to know for the upcoming week. It does this without overwhelming me with everything we have coming up over the next few months. It’s the most simple way to manage our schedule, without spending hours poring over planners.

Best of all, it offers personalized learning resources for my kids, so we can work on closing any gaps in their education, without having to chase down trusted resources. I can choose a topic to focus on and Beehive does all the dirty work for me! It has built-in topics, with thorough lessons to ensure students are fully grasping the concepts at hand.

Whether you aim to improve your child’s reading, math or anything in between, the Beehive app is packed full of resources that will help lighten your load while improving your child’s comprehension.

The Beehive app is the key to staying organized as a homeschool mom!

Loving these tips to stay organized as a homeschool mom!

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