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Why Learn to Write Short Stories?

A great way to develop a child’s creativity and improve writing skills is to write short stories. Short story writing is not that simple, though. You will need some patience to get your child to actually write something. Of course, some children love writing; they come up with great plots for fun little stories and write them down. Even in that case, you need to guide your homeschooled little writer and teach them to write essays the right way. This skill will prove invaluable when they enter college. They will write tons of research papers on a wide variety of topics. So, why would you do that in the first place?

Learning to write short stories is a great way to express your thoughts and ideas in a creative way without any rules or boundaries. Give your homeschoolers the chance to become truly free in their imagination.

Why Should You Teach Your Child to Write?

First and foremost, creative writing allows your child to experience real inspiration. There’s nothing like creating a story filled with some good adventure and mystery. One of the best practices is to teach a student to write essays on short story writing. Consistent short story writing develops one’s imagination and the ability to put thoughts and ideas on paper and generally improves the child’s command of written language. These might not be the examples of the perfect short story writing; they must not be perfect essay samples free of errors; the main idea is to get your child to love writing. 

Secondly, short story writing is just fun! Coming up with some crazy stories, writing them down, figuring out exciting characters, putting your ideas on paper, expressing your thoughts and views – all of that truly is special. If you can convince your kid to write, they are going to have a much better time writing short story examples for high school classes. Writing a research paper or an essay would be a piece of cake. Enjoying this process is a rare gift that will save your kid lots of free time.

How to Teach a Homeschooler to Write Short Stories?

The first step is to excite the students, tell them an exciting story about some adventures, heroes and villains, travels, and triumph of good. These things have a huge effect on kids; their imagination is nearly boundless, so that is something you want to explore during your writing class for teens and children. 

Find out what your homeschoolers love. Are they into fantasy stories? Do they love superheroes? Are they interested in sci-fi? Whatever they like, give them a chance to express their passion in writing. Give them some examples of exciting short stories, introduce them to the right sources or inspiration. Teach them to write in the third person point of view. Let them come up with their own versions of the stories they love or come up with entirely new plots. 

The best idea to give your short story writing class a spark is to introduce them to the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars movies. Both fictional universes are so unimaginably vast and awesome, they would easily inspire some ideas. There are so many people out there who keep on creating fan fiction within both universes, it is literally impossible to count them all. People still write about the Woodland Elves and create new adventures for Aragorn and the Fellowship just for the fun of it. People write stories with the alternative endings for Star Wars movies where they imagine what would’ve happened if Obi-Wan did not get the high ground. Have your homeschoolers write their own stories about the characters they love. 

Making your homeschool online writing classes fun is not that difficult if you have students who are interested in fiction.

Kids these days love fiction, they watch Marvel movies, Star Wars, and all that – being a geek is not being frowned upon, being a geek is now a cool thing. That is why it would be easy to get your students to at least start writing if you find out what they geek over. Find that and give them a task to come up with a short story featuring their favorite characters. Do not limit their creativity, just tell them to write whatever crazy stuff they want. 

Of course, you have to have some requirements. For instance, make sure to emphasize the importance of proper spelling and grammar. Do not make it the main focus of the task, just tell your students that proper writing is important. Later, you can focus more on giving your students more focused tasks. You can tell them to write their reflections on a specific book or a movie. You can tell them to analyze some philosophic concepts or whatnot. If you get them used to writing, they will have a much easier time writing even the most complicated of papers and essays.

Wrap Up

Writing truly is an exciting thing. It is a hobby for many people, and some even made it their full-time job. Some even become best-selling authors and make real fortunes out of it. Being able to put your thoughts on paper and create something truly incredible with your mind is an important skill. It’s a skill one should not underestimate. That is why you should teach your homeschoolers to write short stories. Then you can transition to more complex writing in the future.