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Printable Veteran’s Day Coloring Page

Have you ever stopped to think of the immense sacrifice our service men and women give for our country? I know, some things are super obvious but have you ever tried to put yourself in their shoes (or boots?) Have you taken the time to really think about the day to day life of our soldiers? How hard must it be to go months without knowing where you are, when you will see your kids again or wondering if you will make it out alive?

What a perfect way to say "thanks!" Printable Veteran's Day coloring pages is simple and perfect. We've already printed them for the 3 veterans in our family!
Not only are the servicemen sacrificing so much for us, but their loved ones do as well. Thousands of military families move from bases to base, living under official orders and postpone finding a forever ‘home” until they are out of the service.

Sacrifice is the first word that pops into my head when I think of our military, followed by “grateful” at a close second.

As a civilian, there is little I can ever do to show my gratitude to our servicemen and their families. We’ve tried our hardest to  demonstrate our respect and thankfulness to the military men and women in our lives by holding our first annual Veteran’s Day Appreciation Lunch. But really, in the grand scheme of things, preparing a lunch and banquet for our military isn’t a drop in the hat compared to what they’ve done for us.

Veterans Day coloring page

This year, as we prepare to host our 2nd annual Veteran’s Day banquet, I created a printable coloring page to hand out to our veterans. You can download the printable by clicking here.

Please take the time to visit with a veteran this year. Whether it’s a family member, neighbor or  a person you see at a the local café sporting a “Veteran” hat, don’t be afraid to talk to them about their experience. They love passing on their stories, especially to the younger generations. This Veteran’s Day, let’s show our veterans just exactly how much we appreciate all they’ve done for us.

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