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8 Usborne Books for Homeschoolers: ART, MUSIC & COMPUTER PROGRAMMING

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Squeezing the fine arts into your homeschool is never an easy task. If you didn’t take music classes in school, or if you aren’t an art buff, it can be intimidating. Yet, we still want our kids to appreciate and understand the arts. Without signing up for classes, it’s hard to incorporate them into our school day, without feeling overwhelmed. But did you know, our very favorite publisher, Usborne Books and More has several books to help guide you through the scary subjects? That’s right. There are plenty of Usborne books for homeschoolers, on all kinds of subjects.

We’ve rounded up a list of the absolute best resources for teaching art, music and computers using Usborne books for homeschoolers.I am just LOVIING this list of Usborne books for homeschoolers! It's got the hard subjects covered: art, music and computer. SO many great resources.


Coder Academy: ($12.99)

Kids will be introduced to the skills required to become a computer programmer through bright graphics and fun illustrations. Kids will learn the difference between different computer jobs, which skills they’re need and an introduction into coding. Kiddos will get to complete fun activities, coding challenges and more!

The best Usborne books for homeschoolers: Art, music & computer edition.Build Your Own Website for Beginners: ($9.99)

This book teaches kids how to build and design their very own website using JAVAScript, CSS and HTML. These are skills that your kiddo can use for the rest of their life and a great foundation to build on!

Famous Paintings: ($16.99)

Another of Usborne Books and More’s popular Internet-Linked books, the Famous Paintings is perfect for studying the arts.  While it covers 35 of the most famous and loved paintings, including Mona Lisa, the Sistine Chapel Ceiling and Girl With a Pearl Earring. It includes gorgeous reproductions of each painting, as well as fun facts about the artist, why it was painted, where it is located and the inspiration behind it. This hardback book also includes large fold-out pages that kids will LOVE! The book would be a perfect coffee table book, that kids and adults will both enjoy.

100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers and Coding: ($12.99)

This book is jam-packed with 100 fun facts about numbers, computer and coding! Did you know the internet is mostly underwater? Or that the first computer bugs were actual bugs? This book offers all kinds of fun, and off-the-wall facts that all ages will enjoy.

Art Treasury: ($19.99)

This book is a MUST-HAVE for any homeschool family. At nearly 100 pages long, it covers 23 works of art, the artist, inspiration and includes project to go along with each piece! The kids will fall in love with recreating some of the most amazing pieces of art in history. They aren’t all paintings, either! You can create an African mask and make a mobile, as well as other projects. This is the perfect hands-on way to help the kids enjoy famous art.

Usborne books for homeschoolersHow Computers Work: (14.99)

If your kids have ever wondered how a computer works, they NEED this book. With over 70 flaps, they will discover what’s inside a computer, tablet and smartphone. They will learn important computer lingo, like RAM, as well as the definition. The best part of this book is the way they help children (and adults) understand the parts of a computer and what it does. They compare the storage of a computer to a library. RAM is compared to baking. If you don’t have enough RAM, you run out of space, just as you would if you added too many ingredients to a small mixing bowl. The book is humorous and packed-full of information that will have kids learning, without even realizing it!

Lift the Flap Computers and Coding: ($14.99)

From the parts of a computer to the coding that tells it what to do, this book covers it all! The kids will love improving their fine-motor skills with over 100 flaps to lift and learn. This book starts off simple and gradually dives into the overwhelming world of technology. It breaks it down, making it easy to digest and understand, for kids and adults alike! With the world advancing towards technology a little more everyday, your kids will be informed about how a computer works, why it does what it does and even understand basic computer commands.

Coding for Beginners Using Scratch: ($14.99)

 You may be wondering what SCRATCH is. It’s a free coding program developed by MIT. Many elementary students use it to get started with coding. This book walks you step by step through the process. By the end of the book, you’ll be able to create games and animations. It includes a list of projects and games for your kiddo to create. This is the perfect solution for kids who love screen time but do so aimlessly. Teach them to code and spark an interest in learning!

With so many great Usborne books for homeschoolers, you will want to grab them all!

If you’re interested in hosting a party with me, in order to earn FREE books, just drop me an email at [email protected].

I am just LOVIING this list of Usborne books for homeschoolers! It's got the hard subjects covered: art, music and computer. SO many great resources.


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