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Usborne Books and More

Some of you may have heard of Usborne Books and More and some of you may have just discovered them. I recently uncovered the goldmine that is Usborne and I am so excited about it!

Usborne Books and More!

Homeschooling, while living off of one income, is not for the faint of heart. It is hard to stay on budget while trying to find high quality resources. When I was invited to my first Usborne party, I knew I HAD to try these books! It didn’t take long for my wish list to grow as long as a kid’s Christmas list. The books ALL intrigued me and I couldn’t decide which ones we would use the most. I decided to host  my own party to earn FREE books because, hey! Who doesn’t love free books, right?

I was smitten. My books arrived and there was no looking back. I’ve been scooping them up left and right, as fast as I can afford them.

These books are incredible. The pages are thick, the binding is high quality and the flaps are sturdy. The folks at Usborne are so confident in the construction of your book that they even offer a 50% replacement fee. If your kiddos destroy the book, you can replace it for only 50% of the price!

The photos and illustrations are simply breathtaking. They are bright, vibrant and incredibly detailed. The pages are filled with small bits of information that allow the kids to soak it up. They write in a way that kids find interesting and easy to remember. By presenting the facts in a manner the kids can understand, Usborne grabs their attention and gives them knowledge without boring them.

Isn’t this what we WANT as homeschoolers? To find a resource that makes our kids eager to learn? Well, friends, I’ve found it and I am SO happy to share it with you!
I would love to help you find some books that would interest your family. From Shakespeare to the rainforest, Usborne has a book for everyone!

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Interested in earning FREE books of your own? I’d love to party with you and your friends, right from my couch. (Because, let’s be honest, that’s the only kind of partying this girl does!)

Let's Party...on Facebook, that is!

Simply shoot me an email at [email protected] to schedule your party TODAY!

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