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The Good and The Beautiful Science Units

Around here, we absolutely love The Good and The Beautiful science units! From the human body to space, there’s something for everyone. Our favorite curriculum has done a splendid job of making sure there’s plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning but we love to add our own touches.
For us, The Good and The Beautiful science units are a great spine for our scientific learning. We also choose to add more reading on the topic we’re studying to our morning basket. We love to turn on a fun documentary on our subject while we scarf down our lunch. We even listen to audiobooks that help us dive deeper into our learning.
As we make our way through The Good and The Beautiful science units, we’re sharing our plans here. Be sure to check them all out and let us know what we should add!

The Good and The Beautiful Science Units:

Water and Our World

Learn all about water, the importance of water and the different bodies of water in this quick unit study.

Looking for fun ideas to enjoy with your water unit study? We've got ya covered! #waterunitstudy #tgatb #thegoodandthebeautifulwater #h20 #homeschool #educationalactivities

Space Science

There’s so much we still don’t know about space but it’s fun to learn just how small we really are in the big scheme of things.

Looking for ideas to make your space unit study more fun? We've got ya covered! With 75 ideas from slime to sticker books, there's something for everyone. #science #space #tgatb #homeschool #homeschoolers #homeschooling #educational #unitstudy


Bugs, bugs, bugs! They’re everywhere. Learn the different types of bugs, as well as how and why they work the way they do.

This bug unit study has it all! Fun games, books, games and even snacks that your kids will love. #bugs #unitstudy #homeschoolers #TGATB #TGATBanthropods #anthropods #insects #

Meteorology: Weather and Atmosphere

Whether you have a budding meteorologist or just want to learn more about weather, this fun unit study is perfect for all ages! Even adults learn a ton when using this fun unit study.

Add some fun to your meteorology unit study with these hands-on learning ideas. There's videos, snacks, books, games and so much more! #science #meteorology #homeschoolers #tgatb #meteorology #weather




Introduction to Energy

Energy: Heat, Light & Sound

Kingdoms & Classifications

The Human Body: Part 1


What’s your favorite The Good and The Beautiful science unit so far?

My younger crowd was WILD about athropods while my older kids loved the meteorology unit. Drop me a comment below and let me know what you’d like us to try next!