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Summer Homeschool Music Deals

Looking to add some music to your homeschool this summer?

It’s summer and you know what that means: it’s the perfect time to test out new curriculum, scour the internet for the best deals and figure out how to add some FUN to your homeschool!

I know I want to try adding more musical elements to our homeschool next year and summer is the perfect time to take a test drive of curriculum, activities and hands-on learning.

This post is sponsored by Homeschool Buyers Club. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.
These summer homeschool deals are HOT! I can't wait to add guitar to our homeschool day.

How to Add Music To Your Homeschool This Summer:

Enroll in a dance camp:

Many local dance studios offer day-camps during the summer. Bear recently signed up for a Disney-themed camp that lasts for just 3 days. It’s a great way to see if it’s something he’s really interested in doing before jumping into monthly lessons!

Go to a concert:

We have a local concert venue about 30 minutes from our house and summer is the perfect time to attend a few concerts. While the kids weren’t huge fans, we attended a Tim McGraw concert earlier this year and now they are loving his music! Sometimes just experiencing the artist first-hand can really help you appreciate the music.

Take music lessons at home

Homeschool Buyers Club is an amazing resource that we use all year long. You can find the best-of-the-best homeschool curriculum at can’t-beat prices.

But we always head to Homeschool Buyers Club in the summer because they offer the best deals around! This year, they have nearly 20 summer homeschool deals! Our favorites are hands-down the free music trials!

Summer is the perfect time to pick up an instrument and get to know it! We’re taking full advantage of the freebies while we have some spare time.

Summer Homeschool Music Deals We’re Loving

Homeschool Piano:

Homeschool Piano is the perfect way to learn to play the piano through fun lessons and sheet music. It’s perfect for everyone from kindergarteners to adults!

The bi-weekly group coaching sessions ensure you don’t get stuck. Using flashcards and other handy resources, students work through 18 units, building on concepts they learned in previous lessons.

Kids Guitar Academy:

This professionally designed guitar course helps kids quickly and easily master the guitar! It’s best for grades 3 through adult! That means you can learn to pick a guitar right alongside your kiddo! What fun memories you can create through the step-by-step video lessons, sheet music and audio downloads!

The downloadable practice tracks, paired with step-by-step lessons help students build techniques that will help them succeed.

Mr. Henry’s Music World:

Elementary aged kids will fall in love with music, as they work at their own pace to learn to play the piano. It’s best for kids in grades K-5 but older beginners will also benefit from this exciting music class.

The engaging challenges and entertaining training videos make the upbeat lessons fun for everyone! You’ll be impressed what all your kiddo can learn in just 4 practice sessions!

If you’re looking for summer homeschool music deals, you can’t miss Homeschool Buyers Club!

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We're obsessed with these free summer homeschool resources!

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