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Summer Homeschool Deals on Math

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Check out these summer homeschool deals on math curriculum!

If you’re fairly new to homeschooling, it can be slightly overwhelming trying to find the perfect curriculum that suits all of your family’s needs.

You aren’t sure exactly what type of learner your child is.

Everything seems so expensive, when you aren’t sure you’ll even use it.

You feel overwhelmed looking at the thousands of options available.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just take each curriculum for a little “test drive” before laying down hundreds of dollars for something that may not even work for your kiddos?

That’s exactly why I love the summer months! It’s the perfect time to give new curriculum a try, without feeling like you’re wasting precious time. No need to worry if your kiddo is going to fall behind because you decided to start yet another curriculum.

Instead, you have extra hours to do some research, download freebies and really get a feel for a curriculum before jumping in with both feet!

This post is sponsored by Homeschool Buyers Club. All opinions are my own.
I received product for free and was compensated for my time.

Love these summer homeschool deals on math!

Summer Homeschool Deals on Math

If you’re having a hard time figuring out exactly which products you might like, now is the perfect time to visit Homeschool Buyers Club. They offer several options for each subject, but most folks struggle a lot with math. That’s why I wanted to share with you some summer homeschool deals that you can’t afford to miss!

Homeschool Buyers Club offers the best math curriculum for just a fraction of the price!

Doodle Maths:

If you’re looking for a fun and interactive way for your kiddos to build a strong math foundation, the Doodle Maths app is it! Perfect for grades pre-k through 7th grade, this app is the perfect way to fill in any gaps in your kids’ education. (Because we all know that flip-flopping from curriculum to curriculum in search of the perfect choice is bound to leave holes in their education.)

For under $1 a week, you just can’t beat this deal!


I’ve been a huge fan of MathSeeds and it’s sister-company, Reading Eggs for years and years. We used it when Emersyn first started homeschooling in 2015 and still use it with Bear today!

MathSeeds is an easy way to encourage kids to enjoy math. With built-in games and amazing graphics, kids will love this easy approach to building math skills.

Best of all, when you purchase through Homeschool Buyers Club, you get access to both Reading Eggs and Math Seeds for up to 4 kiddos!

Meister Cody:

With fun storylines and engaging games, kids in grades 1-5 will enjoy this fun app! It will help students with dyscalculia understand concepts and grow their confidence.

I love checking out Homeschool Buyers Club’s summer homeschool deals so I can see exactly what works for our family before purchasing a bunch of unnecessary curriculum!

Another bonus of shopping at Homeschool Buyers Club is that you earn points with each purchase! This allows you to try out other programs you’ve been wanting to use in your homeschool, without spending a ton of money!

Here’s what’s on my list of math curriculum to check out with my points:

  • Math Mammoth
  • Yay Math!
  • Buzz Math
  • Math Lessons for a Living Education

Hurry! You still have time to claim some awesome summer homeschool deals on math and tons of other classes!

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We're obsessed with these free summer homeschool resources!

Love these summer homeschool deals on math!