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Summer Field Trip: Kids Fishing Derby


We are lucky enough to live near the oldest operating fish hatchery in the United States.

Each summer, they host a kid’s fishing derby.


It’s an easy way to learn some new skills and have lots of fun.

         IMG_5961 IMG_5962

{Miss Manners’ fish was trying to escape!} 

The poles are hooked and ready to go.  The bait is already divided into Dixie cups. There are boxes of protective eyewear for the kids. There are plenty of volunteers spread out to assist with anything you need.  Most importantly, there are hundreds of trout, ready to snag some worms.

IMG_5942 IMG_5981

{Grandma and Miss Manners baiting a hook}

Each child between the ages of 7 and 12 can keep up to 4 fish.


The volunteers help with all kinds of things, from baiting your hook and reeling in your catch to hooking your fish to your line properly to make sure you don’t lose your catches.

IMG_5930 IMG_5937


{Our volunteer was wonderful! He taught us how to tie knots, add a sinker and string our own fish.}


{He also helped Miss Bookworm reel in her catch.  She was grumpy and didn’t want me to take many pictures of her. 🙁 Tweenagers.}

IMG_5998 IMG_6001


{My brother and mom joined us in the fun!}

After you’ve caught your limit, you take the string of fish to the cleaning stations.  Here, you drop your fish in a bucket and take your number.


The volunteers chop  off the heads and clean the fish for you.


They pack them in a baggie of ice and send you on your way.

       IMG_6019 IMG_6020

{Miss Manners liked her fish better with their heads attatched!}

The fish hatchery also gives each participant a goody bag, snacks and a free T-Shirt.

Any day that ends with fish in the freezer is a great day!