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STEM for Elementary Grades

Finding a high-quality program that encourages STEM for elementary grades has been tough! Even though kids are naturally drawn to STEM activities, finding a way to present it, without creating a mess in the kitchen and needing hundreds of supplies can be challenging for parents.

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Exploring STEM for elementary kids has never been more fun!

My kids LOVE anything related to STEM but me, not so much. Building boats that float, creating toothpick bridges and whippping up a batch of homemade rock candy sounds fun. But, in reality, life gets busy sometimes and I don’t have the extra energy to devote to all of these hands-on projects.

But I still know and understand exactly how important it is to have STEM for elementary aged kids. It helps them grow their mind, sharpen their problem-solving skills and fine-tune their hand-eye coordination.

But, there has to be an easier way to teach STEM than making hundreds of trips to the Dollar Tree and leaving a huge mess in the kitchen, right!?!

Exploring STEM for elementary kids has never been more fun!

STEM for Elementary Aged Kids

Exploring STEM for elementary kids is very important to their development. Not only does it open doors to future learning, but it also helps them fall in love with science and technology through hands-on learning. With STEMWerkz, that’s easy!

About STEMWerkz

STEMWerkz is a multi-channel streaming service that introduces students to STEM through engaging and playful activities. Students are encouraged to explore science, technology and engineering at the own pace and by choosing topics that interest them the most.

With over 1,000 lessons and games, students will fall in love with STEM.

Exploring STEM for elementary kids has never been more fun!


STEAM Valley is an interactive game that allows students to solve problems and apply knowledge and skills they’ve learned. As students work through the quests, they develop more skills and problem-solving skills.

STEMWerkz Academy

STEMWerkz Academy is a global classroom, where students can gather with like-minded peers to learn about STEM topics. With teachers from Asia and the US, students learn in a safe and engaging environment. They can pick and choose which classes they want to sign up for, giving them full control of their education.

STEMWerkz Channel

The STEMWerkz Channel is the Netflix of STEM! It offers hundreds of interactive learning stories on all sorts of STEM topics. One of the best things about the STEMWerkz Channel is that the topics are organized by topic and into playlists, so students can dive right in to the topics that interest them the most. No need to spend hours scrolling through all the resources, trying to find something they enjoy!

Exploring STEM for elementary kids has never been more fun!

Exploring STEM has never been more fun!

Check out STEMWerks for your kiddo today!