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How to Start a Mom Blog and Make an Income

Ever wanted to start a mom blog? A safe space where you can talk about anything you want and vent about your husband? (Kidding!) Have you seen other stay-at-home moms actually make money by blogging and wondered if you could do that, too? (You can! In fact, anyone can!)

There’s no denying that there is a crap-ton of money to be made in the blogging world. I had no idea, until one day a lucky Google search opened a whole new world to me. And, holy moolah! I was motivated to do the same things I saw other stay-at-home moms doing with their mom blogs!

Blogging isn’t hard necessarily, but there is a learning curve, if you’re technology-challenged, like myself. So, today, I wanted to share the simple steps I took to get my on mom blog up and running. I’ve simplified it and put it into layman terms. 

No offense, but this is the way us “old moms” do it. 😉

Want to start a mom blog? We've got eveything you need in just 8 simple steps! #workathome #budgeting #homeschooling #wahm #blogger #blogging #startablog

Let’s Start a Mom Blog!

Get Inspired:

The number one thing you need to remember when starting a blog is that you need to pick a niche that inspires you. Find something that you could talk about for hours and never get bored with. For me, that was parenting. I love talking about my kids, spending time with them and homeschooling them. It seemed like a no-brainer that I combine all of my passions and write a blog that encourages parents to spend time with their kids, while they’re still little. 

Pick a Spot:

The internet is a huge and scary place. You need to purchase a hosting company, to save you seat on the internet. After tons of research, I chose to host my site with BlueHost. Mostly because you can start blogging for just $3.95 per month!  It’s a great starter host, with amazing customer service and affordable plans. There aren’t many business opportunities that allow you to invest less than $50 a year and provides the possibility of creating thousands per month, like I have!

Pick a Domain Name:

Your domain is the name of you site, that people will type into the navigation bar to find your site. So, my domain name is obviously HomeschoolHideout.com. If you’re using BlueHost, your domain is actually free with your hosting package. If you choose to go with another domain company, it should only run you about $15 per year to purchase it. 

Head to WordPress:

WordPress is the blogging platform I suggest if you want to make money with your blog. Blogger.com is great but it really limits your income opportunities. It may not be a big deal now, but later down the road, it’d be a pain to switch, so I just suggest starting with WordPress. Once you’ve got an account, you can log into your BlueHost account and simply sync your WordPress account with your Bluehost account. If you need any help, contact Bluehost. Seriously, they helped me SO much when I first started! (Remember, I’m getting old and need lots of technical help with…everything!)

Congrats! You now have a mom blog.

But…. it’s empty. Nothin’ but a big ol’ chunk of white space. So let’s fix that, shall we!?!

Design Your Blog:

There are thousands of blog designers in the world and, simply put, they ain’t cheap! But there’s no need to spend a bunch of money before you’re bringing in an income. In fact, you can use a free theme from WordPress until your blog starts making money. When you’re searching for a theme, just remember that readers adore white space.

Check out my own blog.

I didn’t take this tip into account when my designer asked what I wanted! My advice is to start writing, no matter what your blog looks like. I had no idea what I wanted in a design, because I was so new to blogging. Take some time to get your blog up and running, without worrying about what your blog looks like.  Once you’ve blogged for a bit, you’ll have a more clear idea of what you want out of a blog design.

And don’t forget about a logo! It’ll be your signature for a while. You can find cheap ones on Fiverr.com or you can make your own using PicMonkey. Again, until your blog is bringing in money, don’t blow a ton of cash on a logo. 


Let’s be real. The reason you wanted to start a blog is because you feel like you have something worth sharing with the world. And you do! How cool is it that we live in a time where we can tell stories, encourage and connect with people from all over the world. So, let the fun begin! Share your stories, tell your tales and spread your wisdom and love. 
If you’re not a great writer, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you improve your writing and grammar. Heck, there’s spellcheck, so you don’t have to worry about being judged for your knowledge.

Images & Graphics:

Wouldn’t it be crazy if you visited a blog and there were no images? You wouldn’t stick around for long, would you? People love visual stimulation and photos and images help break up the words of your blog. When I started blogging, I used PicMonkey, a free site that allows you to crete images for your blog. Since then, I’ve moved on to GetStencil, because they have an amazing variety of stock photos that I can edit, right on their site. It’s simplified my image creating and made it a much quicker process.

Share, Share, Share:

Now that you’ve created an awesome blog post and added some adorable photos, you want to get some eyes on your hard work. The easiest way to do that is to share it with your own friends and family. You can post a link to your blog post on Facebook and ask them to share it with their friends. You’ll also want to share it with people who are interested in your niche. If you’re blogging about healthy eating, you can share you post to Facebook groups, your local gym’s page or to others who you know are interested. 

Luckily, we have social media, which makes it so much easier to share your blog with people. Share it on Pinterest, Instagram or SnapChat. Use social media to your advantage and let it do the dirty work for you!

Think of it as if you are opening a new store in your town. You would do whatever you could do to get more people into your store. You would shout it from the rooftops, hang up posters and tell everyone you know! Your blog IS your business, so don’t be shy about sharing it! 

Blogging is hard work. You won’t get rich overnight but the crazy potential for income is worth every tiny bit of hard work you put into it. Imagine that brick and mortar business we talked about. You would have to invest thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and thousands of drops of blood, sweat and tears. Compared to that, blogging is relatively easy and a safe investment. Instead of spending your hard earned money to build your business, you spend your time.

Being a blogger is literally a dream job. It’s allowed me to have some extra cash, take my family on vacation and do things I’d never dreamed I would be able to afford. Take a chance on yourself and start a mom blog today!

Want to start a mom blog? We've got eveything you need in just 8 simple steps! #workathome #budgeting #homeschooling #wahm #blogger #blogging #startablog

Want to start a mom blog? We've got eveything you need in just 8 simple steps! #workathome #budgeting #homeschooling #wahm #blogger #blogging #startablog