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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Kids (Free Printable!)

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If your house is anything like mine, by the time spring finally rolls around, there’s a layer of dust on just about everything. Muddy footprints tell stories of the long snow days.The general “blah” feeling towards everything has set into every aspect of life.

We're loving this spring cleaning checklist for kids! Your house will be sparkling in no time!
One easy way to jump into spring is to clean up your home. There’s just something about packing away heavy winter blankets and opening the windows for some fresh air. Once you toss the winter blues, you’ll be ready for spring to be in full swing.

Instead of spending an entire weekend scrubbing baseboards, mopping sticky floors and cleaning the ceiling fans, there are other things you could be doing. This year, divide the work between your family members and get the house whipped back into shape together. Even the smallest kids can pitch in and help out, while older kids can spend the day working just as hard as you!

Don’t know where to start?  We’ve created this handy-dandy spring cleaning checklist for kids. It’s just what they need to help guide them so they won’t miss a thing.

We're loving this spring cleaning checklist for kids! Your house will be sparkling in no time!

Simply print out the spring cleaning checklist for kids and let the fun begin!

While the kids work on some of the easier stuff, you can tackle more intense projects, like cleaning out closets and whipping the garage into shape!

Remember, we are training our kids to become amazing mothers and fathers one day. Knowing the responsibilities and work that goes into keeping your home running smoothly is vital. Someday when they are out on their own, they’ll look back and thank you for teaching them to be hard workers who take pride in their homes.

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Because, let’s be honest, we need some more encouragement when we have little ones under feet all the time!