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More than 75 Ideas for Your Space Unit Study

Studying space is a great way to get a feel for just how amazing and extravagant our universe really is. But how do you know what you should study, where to focus your attention or what types of activities you should do. There’s simply so much to learn and not enough hours in the day to learn everything there is about space.

To make it easier on you, we’ve gathered up more than 75 fun ideas for your space unit study. From educational videos to hands-on learning, there’s something for everyone!

Looking for ideas to make your space unit study more fun? We've got ya covered! With 75 ideas from slime to sticker books, there's something for everyone. #science #space #tgatb #homeschool #homeschoolers #homeschooling #educational #unitstudy

75+ Space Unit Study Ideas

Hands-On Learning

Paper-Mache Planets:

Using a balloon, newspaper and school glue, create paper mache planets. Once they’ve dried, paint the outside and hang them in order, as they appear in the solar system.

Become the Man on the Moon:

Have your child stick his face on one end of an empty toilet paper tube while you snap a photo. Your kiddos will crack up at the thought of looking like “The Man on the Moon.”

Make Erupting Moon Rocks:

Follow this tutorial to make your own moon rocks! Kids will treasure these for years to come.

NASA Galaxy Slime:

Every kid in the universe loves slime but they’ll fall head-over-heels for this recipe. With gorgeous colors, glitter and a great texture, this galaxy slime will entertain for hours on end!


Tiny Epic Galaxies Space Board Game

XTRONAUT: The Game of Solar System Exploration

Race Through Space

Cosmic Encounter

Sums in Space

Roll for the Galaxy Board Game

Race for the Galaxy Card Game

Solar Quest

Qurious Space

Mole Rats in Space

Space Cadets Board Game

Professor Noggin Space Card Game


100 Things to Know About Space

Usborne Book of Astronomy & Space

Astronomy & Space Reference Book

Lift the Flap: What’s it like in Space?

Lift-the-Flap: Questions & Answers about Space

Living in Space

Look Inside Space

On the Space Station (Shine-a-Light Book)

Peek Inside Space

See Inside Space Stations & Other Spacecrafts

Big Book of Rockets & Spacecrafts

100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky


Big Book of Stars and Planets

On the Moon

The Solar System

Sun, Moon & Stars

Don’t miss this post with our SPACE-INSPIRED favorites from Usborne!

Best Usborne space books for homeschoolers

Activity Books

National Geographic Kids Super Space Sticker Activity Book

Build Your Own Robots & Spaceships Sticker Book

Wipe-Clean Space Activities

Astronaut Academy

Fold Out Solar System

Space Coloring Book

Usborne’s Little Children Space Activity Book

100 Paper Spaceships to Fold & Fly

Space Activity Book for Kids

Astronaut Sticker Book

Space Maze Book


Surprise Ride Mars Learning Kit

Moon Science Kit Model

Earth and Moon Model Kit

Moon Torch Kit


Moon Pies & Star Crunch:

For a quick and easy snack, serve up some store-bought treats that will have your little space-keteers giggling in delight. Grab a box of Moon Pies and a box of Star Crunch and let them snack away!

Constellation Creations:

Piece together pretzel sticks and mini marshmallows in the shape of your favorite constellations. Once you’ve finished, simply clean up by eating your creations!

Milky Way:

It doesn’t get much better than this favorite candy bar!  Kids will love the mini versions just as much as the king size bars!

Rocket Fuel & Astroids:

Fill water bottles with your favorite juice and label them as “Rocket Fuel.” Pair the drinks with cheese balls you’ve renamed “Astroids” and the kids will think it’s a blast!

Freeze-Dried Food:

There’s no better way to learn about space than eating like an astronaut eats. Freeze dried foods may not be very tasty but kids will get an idea of how it feels to live in space.


Laminated Solar System Poster Kit (Set of 16)

Our Solar System (High Gloss Poster)

Solar System Chart for Kids

Constellations Wall Tapestry

Nebula Constellation Wall Poster

The Milky Way Wall Map

International Space Rocket Poster

Hubble Ultra Poster

EuroGraphic Solar System Print




The Secretes of the Solar System

Edge of the Universe

The Farthest Voyager in Space

Supermassive Black Holes

Amazon Prime:

*All of these shows are FREE with an Amazon Prime membership. If you don’t have one yet, what on EARTH are you waiting for?*

Spiral Galaxy: The Milky Way Unraveled

New Frontiers in Space

Secrets of the Universe

Cosmic Journeys

How the Universe Works

The Expedition: Mars 2030

NASA: A Journey Through Space

Solar System

Is Anybody Out There?

Cosmic Vistas


If you’re looking for a fun and educational addition to your space unit study, simply pick a couple of the above suggestions and have a blast!

Looking for ideas to make your space unit study more fun? We've got ya covered! With 75 ideas from slime to sticker books, there's something for everyone. #science #space #tgatb #homeschool #homeschoolers #homeschooling #educational #unitstudy