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Set Up a Simple Homeschool Room

 Wondering how to set up a simple homeschool room?

Over the past year, many families have had to take a different approach to school for their children. Parents and teachers have had to create a homeschooling curriculum that helps their children to learn effectively from home.

Parents have suddenly become teachers and have had to try to construct an appropriate learning space in their homes for their kids. Most parents have little to no educational experience, so knowing the best way to set up a homeschooling classroom can be a challenge.

While so many things have been changed during the pandemic, making the change to homeschooling has had a big effect on families. While parents used to only have to worry about things like groceries and getting the best home insurance quotes, they are now taking on the responsibility of educating their kids. 

During the pandemic, millions of children and parents were forced to make the switch to home-based learning. While some were relieved when schools started to open up for classes, others decided to continue homeschooling. In fact, many children have benefited from the difference that homeschooling can make to their learning abilities and have excelled in their studies. If you are considering continuing your homeschooling journey, you will need to create a center for learning in your home. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to set up a simple homeschooling classroom in your home.

Love these ideas for a simple homeschool room!

How to Set Up a Simple Homeschool Room

Work Desks

Your school desk needs will depend on how many children you will have in your homeschool. If you have more than one student, you may want to set up a larger table. Several students can use it instead of taking up too much room with several independent desks. Seated students should have enough room to work without being distracted by their desk mates. A folding table is often enough desk surface to suit your homeschooling needs. It can be easily packed up when not needed.

Wall Space

Children tend to learn better when they have visual stimuli. If you want to set up an inspiring homeschooling classroom, you will need to clear some wall space. You may have to take down some of your wall art and decor to make space for your school supplies. You can post a world map, the alphabet letters, and any motivational posters in the wall space surrounding your learning center.


While traditional blackboards may be perfect for the school classroom, they can be inconvenient and messy in your home. A better choice for conducting your lessons is a whiteboard. It can be easily erased without creating chalk dust that can ruin carpets. There are a variety of whiteboard sizes that can either be mounted on the wall or with a moveable stand.

Natural Lighting

Try to find a space that has lots of natural lighting. While you don’t want your kids to be distracted by outside activity, natural lighting can help to improve their attention and creativity. Natural light can help your kids to feel more at ease and pay closer attention to their lessons.

If you have decided to continue homeschooling, follow these tips to set up a simple homeschool room that will help your kids excel in their studies. 

Love these ideas for a simple homeschool room!