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How to Make Rooms Look Cozy

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It can be hard to make large rooms look cozy but these tips can help!

Most people crave a bigger house or apartment. Small spaces have many issues, and it’s hard to design them in a way that they won’t seem cluttered. You can find many tutorials on the Internet that show you how to decorate a small room, but you can’t find so many for large spaces. Nevertheless, larger than average rooms bring their own set of issues you have to deal with. 

Many large rooms, especially ones with some awkward shapes, can present a significant challenge to a decorator. Due to their size, they are more likely to look cold and uncomfortable. Keep reading to find out the best ways to deal with this problem!

Wondering how to make rooms look cozy without breaking the bank? These tips are AWESOME! I love #2!

How to Make Large Rooms Look Cozy

Go for Light Flooring

The floors should stay neutral. You don’t want to add additional patterns that might seem overpowering.

A dark floor might feel cold, and it might also be a source of discomfort in such a big room. It’s better to choose lighter options, such as hardwood floors or wooden floors with some natural finish. Alternatively, you can go for a DIY floor system like loose lay vinyl planks.

Pick Light Colors

When you choose dark colors, the illusion of the space is ruined. You have to remember that a large room can be perceived as gloomy because of its size. You can easily avoid this issue by choosing light colors instead. This way, your living space will look bigger and brighter.

Additionally, avoid using dark colors and patterns on your big furniture. Remember, light colors make a room look more welcoming!

Stick With One Color Scheme

There are many different ways to decorate your home. You can go with many different color combinations – it’s entirely up to you. However, if you’re not sure how to start, stick with one simple color scheme. This way, you won’t have problems when it comes to combining all the elements in the room.

Choose a Few Basic Patterns and Repeat Them

When you decorate an ample space, you can’t use a lot of patterns. A patterned rug or a bedspread can quickly turn your room into a mess. Instead of going for exotic designs on every piece of furniture, pick one or two patterns and repeat them around the room. This way, you will achieve a uniform look without any clutter.

Make Sure That All the Furniture Fits In

If your sofa is too big for space, it won’t be good for you — even if it’s beautiful. You can’t enjoy yourself on a couch that doesn’t even fit in the room! When you’re shopping for furniture items, measure the room’s dimensions and compare them to those of the furniture.

Keep the Windows Bare

The windows are usually the biggest sources of interest in a large room. They let in a lot of light, and they can also make the room look larger than it actually is. That’s why it’s best not to fill them up with curtains or other decorations. The only thing that you should place here is blinds or curtains. If you want, you can also add a nice piece of art – but that’s it!

Furthermore, you can also look for residential window tinting options that can help you control the amount of light and heat coming in without obstructing your view or making the room feel smaller. Creating an insulation layer between your home’s inside and exterior can also increase privacy and lower energy expenditures.

Avoid Placing Sofas Against Walls

The problem with sofas is that they occupy most of the space in a living room or bedroom. Even if they are small, they will still take up a lot of space. Thus, it’s best not to place them against the walls (unless they are modular). Instead, leave enough space between them and the wall so that you can walk around easily without bumping into anything.

Go for Patterns on the Ceiling

If you have a really high ceiling, it’s best to add some kind of pattern there (for example, in the form of a mural). Choose a design that’s not too detailed and not overwhelming for your eyes. For instance, you can go with a simple floral motif or a stripe pattern.

Don’t Overfill the Large Space

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to fill the room with furniture and accessories. Many people want a lot of furniture in their homes, but they forget about proportion. Do not repeat this mistake. Otherwise, you will end up having a crowded house.

You should also avoid cramming too many items into the area or making it look messy. The best way to decorate a large space is to leave some empty space and only fill the room 50%.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to decorate your large room! Keep in mind that you can make your rooms look cozy with little to no effort. All you have to do is follow a few simple principles we listed in our article.

Remember to keep your windows bare. This way, you will invite more natural light to your interiors. Moreover, when in doubt, keep things as simple as possible. Do not overfill your large space with accessories and stick to one color scheme. Thanks to all of these methods your big room will look better than you can imagine. Good luck!