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Reading Games for Busy Boys

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Our house used to stay pretty clean. Our homeschool used to be fairly easy-going and relaxed. We could go grocery shopping without needing to call on Grandma for back up. Our dryer never saw the likes of rocks, bird feather or Hotwheels cars. I was fairly confident in my ability to be a good mother, who could raise a level-headed and well-rounded child.

But then we had a son and ALL of that changed.

No longer did I think motherhood was a walk in the park. Instead, I found myself trying to raise this creature who was so, so different from my 2 girls.

He is rough. He’s dirty. He has a smart mouth and a ornery grin. He’s able to make me want to jump off a cliff and then turn around melt my heart within a minutes time. He can’t sit still for more than .0007 seconds and I’m beginning to wonder if he literally has ants in his pants! 

Yes, boys are incredibly different from girls. So when it came time to start homeschooling my rotten little guy, I started to panic.

Somehow I know I’m not the only mom in the world who has spent sleepless nights wondering how on earth she’ll ever teach her restless child how to count, read or spell. When your kiddo is too busy to focus on eating dinner, it’s hard to imagine trying to get them to sit still long enough to learn all we need to teach them. 

After depleting all of my ideas on teaching my boy to read, I knew I needed to look somewhere else.

I received this item for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.

Teach your wild little guy how to read using super fun reading games! Remove tears and add fun! #readingeggs #reading #teachyourboys

I searched online for a program that looked as entertaining as it did educational. Because, let’s be honest. Busy little boys are simply not going to sit still and learn to read like they do in my dreams.

I’d used Reading Eggs with Miss Manners, when she was struggling to read and it had worked wonders. She’d grown into a confident reader, who didn’t need my help as all anymore and I wondered if it would work with Bear. So, we logged in and got started.

Immediately, he was intrigued by the fun characters and bright colors.  The games were actually fun for him and since he’d never used a computer game before, he was all about playing it!  It didn’t take long for him to realize this is about as fun as his “school work” could get.

But he wasn’t the only person who loved the reading games!
I fell in love with Reading Eggs, too.

  • Instead of my busy boy watching YouTube videos while I worked with my other kids, he could (and prefered) to play the interactive reading games.
  • Reading Eggs is crazy-affordable! In fact, I’d dare say it’s one of the few curriculum I feel are worth their weight in gold. In comparison, I spent around $110 for my son’s kindergarten math curriculum. For the 12 month subscription to Reading Eggs, it’s merely $59 and that includes access to all 4 programs offered! (See below for more details on all programs.) For less than $5, your child can work at their own pace and learn how to read and basic math skills.
  • On my busy days, I don’t need to stop what I’m doing and check up on him. I can always log in later and check out the parent dashboard to ensure he’s progressing nicely.
  • The Reading Eggs site boasts that it will teach your kid to read in 4 weeks. At first I thought that was an outrageous claim and they’d have their work cut out for them with my little guy. But I was shocked when he started blending sounds in just a week’s time!
  • With the progress I saw, I started to get excited about how much he could learn if I purchased the year subscription. Maybe teaching my little man to read wouldn’t be pure torture after all! Sign me up, friend! SIGN ME UP!

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But it’s more than just reading games:

Grab a 12 month subscription and get access to all of these programs:

Reading Eggs:
Children ages 3-7 will enjoy games, a virtual library with skill-appropriate books, quizzes, awards and more.

Reading Eggs Junior:
Kiddos will fall in love with reading when you introduce them to Reading Eggs Junior. It’s perfect for kids between 2 and 4 years old.

Reading Eggspress:
If your kiddos are like mine, they’ll enjoy Reading Eggs so much, they’ll want to keep going, long after they’ve learned to read. Lucky for them, Reading Eggspress is perfect for kids that are 7-13.

With the huge success we’ve seen with Reading Eggs, we’re stoked to be able to learn basic math using the same proven strategies. Mathseeds is perfect for kiddos that are between 3 and 9 years old.

Grab a FREE 4 week trial and try it out yourself!

What do you call a mom with a son?


What do you call a mom with a son who can read?

*Exhausted but with one less thing to teach on her plate!*

Teach your wild little guy how to read using super fun reading games! Remove tears and add fun! #readingeggs #reading #teachyourboys

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