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Pride Reading Program Review

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Pride Reading program is a smart addition to your homeschool!

Teaching a kiddo to read is no easy task. If you’ve been around here for long, you know that Bear struggled with a hearing impairment so we waited until our state’s required age to start teaching him anything. I just couldn’t see myself fighting him every single day to make the correct sounds when he wasn’t hearing them correctly. (Pair that with his miniscule attention span and it sounded like a recipe for disaster.)

Thankfully by the time his 7th birthday rolled around, his hearing had improved and we were ready to tackle reading.

The only problem was…we weren’t.

We tried curriculum after curriculum and he just couldn’t grasp the concepts. Nothing seemed to work.

He became discouraged and I threw my hands up in defeat. We took a nice, long break. When we started back up, we picked up a new curriculum that I had high hopes for!

This post is sponsored by Pride Reading. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time.
All opinions are my own.

Pride Reading Program

Pride Reading Program is an affordable option for learning to read. With no monthly subscriptions or lengthy lessons, it’s perfect for struggling readers. You don’t need to rush through the lessons or overwhelm your child.

Pride Reading Program consists of several elements that work together to improve your child’s spelling and reading skills. From letter tiles to online games, it has an awesome mixture of learning activities that prevents kids from getting bored.

Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.

All About Pride Reading Program

Pride Reading Program offers some of the most tried-and-true learning approaches. Everything you need to teach is included in the kit. The materials are high-quality and easy for little fingers to handle.

Sound Cards:

Sound cards make learning new sounds a breeze! You can easily introduce new sounds and review previous sounds, using these cards.

Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.


The student workbook is an awesome little tool! It’s crammed full of hands-on learning activities. The back cover doubles as a spelling tile mat, too!

Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.


The letter tiles are one of my favorite parts of Pride Reading Program. The tiles make identifying consonants and vowels easy to do since they are color coordinated.

Unlike other reading programs we’ve used, the tiles are easy for Bear to manipulate. Other curriculum offer flimsy laminated tiles, with small magnets on the back. They’re slippery and hard to grasp, especially for small hands.

Pride Reading Program’s letter tiles are large, foam tiles and the entire tile is backed with a magnet. This has made a world of difference when he’s trying to pick up and arrange the letters he’s working with.

Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.


One huge asset to the Pride Reading Program is the online games that are included with the lessons. Bear looks forward to playing these games after he’s completed his bookwork. They are engaging and quick, which make them perfect for review and for busy moms like myself!

Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.

Step-by-Step Teaching Guide:

Hands-down, my favorite thing about Pride Reading Program is the online step-by-step teaching guide. You can learn exactly what you need to do each lesson by quickly looking through the teacher guide. I love the helpful videos and the fact that I don’t need to search high and low for what to do each day. It’s all right there, laid out for me in just a few steps!

You can find sound clips, lesson objectives, links to the games, review cards, word-for-word instructions for the day’s lessons and more in the Teaching Guide. It’s the most comprehensive teacher guide I’ve ever seen (and I review a LOT of products!)

Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your child’s confidence and help them learn to read, you can’t miss Pride Reading Program!

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Pride Reading is a smart choice for your homeschool.