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Planning a Kids Bedroom: The Easy Way!

Moving to a ‘big kid’ bedroom is a huge milestone for a child. It’s probably the first time they will get to weigh in on the decor of their room. However, planning a kids bedroom isn’t just about learning to live with heavy metal bands or “My Little Pony” all over the walls.

These ideas for planning a kids bedroom make it so much easier!
Here’s how to make sure you’re planning your kid’s bedroom perfectly.

Make it special

Moving from a nursery to a ‘big kids’ room, or from a shared room to a private space, is a big deal for your kid. Don’t you remember what it feels like to dress your bedroom in unique styles that speak to you personally?

Do you remember the joy of meeting all your ‘big kid’ goals? Why not make it a truly special moment for your little one? If possible, spend a little time with them planning the bedroom decor, and give them a little input into the process. As their parent, you may want to take over, but remember, it’s their safe space and haven. Chat with them about what they’d like to see in their room, and engage them in picking out a few accessories. Let it become a beautiful bonding moment instead of just a forced room redecoration. You may want
to keep the kids out of the way during the actual redecoration process, depending on their age.

However, it’s likely to be a smoother, safer, and cleaner process with the kids elsewhere.

These ideas for planning a kids bedroom make it so much easier!

Experiment with layout

Before you commit to the final layout, play around with the furniture. Will your child be able to easily access things they need? Remember that the world is a different place from a child’s height. Drawers and cupboards you may be able to access could be difficult for them to reach.

Is there a study space for homeschooling?

With just a little care and attention, you can optimize the look of even a small room and still have a practical space your child can live in.
Commit to neutrals on pricey items Children’s tastes change as rapidly as they do. Your urge to fully renovate every few years will probably not keep up. Try to talk them into neutral looks on bigger items such as bedroom furniture and carpets. This way, you can allow them to express their current individuality on items like drapes, cushions, bedding, and other items that are far easier to swap out every few years. Choosing a few solid neutrals will allow your child to experiment without driving you or your pocketbook to madness.

Storage and beds matter most

There’s no such thing as too much storage for kids. Beyond that, your child’s most important items will be the bed, which will support their growing bodies during sleep. In addition, make sure to get an ergonomic chair that’s comfortable and will help them sit still and concentrate, especially if they’re attending school from home.

With these top tips under your belt, you can make your little one’s new room a haven and paradise in which they can grow safely.

These ideas for planning a kids bedroom make it so much easier!