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Pippi Longstocking Activities

Everyone loves our favorite girl from Villa Villekulla.  Whether it’s her disheveled red hair or her quirky attitude, you can’t help but smile when you think of Pippi Longstocking.

The classic children’s book has sold over 145 million copies and has been made into several movies and short films. There’s just something about the adventurous young girl that kids and grown-ups can’t resist.

Pippi Longstocking is a read aloud that all kids should experience with their parents before growing up. It’s a tale of adventure, fun and wild spirits but the fun doesn’t stop there. By adding in fun activities, your kids will be delighted to read this fun book again and again!

Looking for some fun and hilarious Pippi Longstocking activities? We've got 10 MUST-TRY ideas for when you're reading the book.Enjoy your favorite character even more with these fun Pippi Longstocking activities for kids.

10  Fun Pippi Longstocking Activities

Give Yourself a Pippi Makeover:

It’s simple to have wild braids that stick up. Simply create loose pigtail braids, pulling the hair away from your head. Fasten with a ponytail holder then loosen the braids by gently pulling on them.  Twist together 2 pipe cleaners and gently work it into the braids. Bobby pin the pipe cleaners to the base of your braid and bend them to create a fun and quirky hairdo!  Don’t forget to create some disheveled bangs. Add some fun freckles using eyeliner and you’ll be Pippi’s spitting image!

Become a Baking Beauty:

Pippy adds some excitement to her pancake making when she tosses the eggs in the air. Unfortunately one lands on her head. Her response? “I’ve always heard that egg yolks are good for your hair.”  Have some fun and try a simple egg mask on your hair. You can create one by mixing 2 eggs, 2 Tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of milk and applying it to your damp hair. While it’s working its magic, head to the kitchen to whip up some pancakes. I wouldn’t advise throwing your eggs in the air, though.

Become a “Thing Finder:”

Go for a nature walk and look for “treasures.” On your walk home, tell exaggerated stories of the adventures your things have been on. (This is a great time to try out Geocaching, too!)

Host a party:

Decide what you will serve, who you will invite and what rules you will have. Create fun invitations to deliver to your guests and make gifts to give them as they leave. Will you have rules like the tea party, where you are forbidden from shoveling all of the cake into your mouth or will your party be carefree and fun like Pippi’s birthday party?

Pick a Pet:

Some of Pippi’s best friends are animals. Discuss Herr Nillson, the monkey and horse . Ask them what animals they would have as pets (or roommates!) if they had no rules to follow.  Make sure they realize just how much responsibility comes with owning an indoor pet. For example, a cat wouldn’t be nearly as messy as a chicken to have indoors. 🙂

Looking for some fun and hilarious Pippi Longstocking activities? We've got 10 MUST-TRY ideas for when you're reading the book.Map It!:

Locate all of Pippi’s travels on a map or globe. Find her homeland of Sweden. Some of the other places she mentions in the books include Borneo, China, Argentina and Guatemala. After you’ve located them, choose one location and dig deeper, studying their climate, culture and people.

Create Your Own Wild Stockings:

Pippi is famous for her outrageous fashion sense. She normally wears a patched jumper, too-big shoes and mismatched stockings.  The fun folks at Juggling with Kids have created an adorable tutorial to creating your own tie dye stockings! All you need is a pair of cotton socks, colorful Sharpies, isopropyl alcohol, Q-Tips, eyedropper or spray bottle, a cup and a rubber band. The results are adorable!

Treasure Box Contents:

Read aloud the content of Pippi’s treasure box then have each child write down as many items as they can remember.  It’ll be a fun and silly way to practice listening skills.

Become a Storyteller:

See who can come up with the biggest whopper of a story. Be sure to include as many  funny details as possible and don’t forget to add some imagination!

Watch the Movie:

With 3 different versions, you get to pick the one that looks the best to you. If you have extra time, watch all of them! {Don’t miss this fun post for tips you haven’t thought of!}


It’s no secret why Pippi Longstocking is one of our favorite book characters. Her carefree spirit and will to do good make her lovable, despite her orneriness.
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Looking for some fun and hilarious Pippi Longstocking activities? We've got 10 MUST-TRY ideas for when you're reading the book.