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Pathways Language Arts: An Open & Go Curriculum

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Does anyone else seem to dread teaching language arts? With all the additional activities, we moms are required to gather supplies and spend an hour each day planning out the day’s lessons. With spelling, reading and writing all wrapped into one, it’s a lot of work for a subject that my kids don’t enjoy anyways. That’s why I was so thrilled when I was offered a first-hand look at Pathways language arts. It’s a fun curriculum that’s being offered by one of my very favorite homeschool publishing companies, Kendall Hunt Publishing.

I received this item for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

Pathways language arts is just what we've been looking for! Easy to use and not a bore. Can't ask for much more in an all-in-one language arts curriculum!

Pathways Language Arts by Kendall Hunt Publishing

One of the things I love most about Pathways language arts is that it’s as easy for mom to teach as it is for the kids to enjoy. There’s no need to spend hours crawling around Pinterest trying to find fun ways to practice you spelling words. Instead, all the work is done for you!
Instead of focusing on covering as much material as possible, Pathways language arts program helps your kids fall in love with learning. Kids learn to love reading, writing and learning through interesting books, worksheets and by sparking their natural love of learning.

Using broad themes and topics, Pathways language arts grabs kids by their interests and reels them in. Kids will enjoy learning core values while diving into their favorite topics.

Our 5th grader had a blast learning all about Queen Elizabeth I. Through the accompanying book, Good Queen Bess, we learned how she earned the respect of her people, as well as her enemies. She outwitted the system, who wanted her to marry quickly and urged her to find a husband to take over as ruler. Instead, she used her charm and smarts to make the country a better place. She was so popular, they even nicknamed her time as ruler as the Elizabethan Age. Now that’s a great example of a strong woman!

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Is this for me?

This curriculum might be the perfect fit for you, if you:

  •  love the convenience of an open-and-go curriculum
  • like worksheets, as well as hands-on learning
  • enjoy reading living books, that teach core values
  • teach Christian values through motivating topics
  • want lessons ready to go, with no prep from you
  • wrap spelling, reading, writing and phonics up in one fell-swoop

You may not enjoy this curriculum if you:

  • are looking for a more hands-on approach
  • want to teach reading, writing, spelling and using separate curriculum
  • spend most of your day focusing on language arts

For us, Pathways language arts offered everything we needed! With ease, we can complete our language arts while enjoying wholesome literature. Best of all, there’s no complaints!


Pathways language arts is just what we've been looking for! Easy to use and not a bore. Can't ask for much more in an all-in-one language arts curriculum!


Connect with Kendall Hunt Publishing:

Learn all about Queen Bess with Level 5

  Finally!!! We've found the perfect match! By Design science curriculum that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Best of all, it's interactive and FUN for the kids!   Pathways has made learning fun again with an engaging Daily Lesson Guide and hands-on activities!