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Enjoyable Online Spanish for Kids

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As homeschoolers, it’s very important to me that my kids learn a foreign language. With the growing spanish-speaking community in our area, the obvious language to learn for us was Spanish. But learning a foreign language can be dull and confusing. Learning the proper grammar simply doesn’t excite kids. But we’ve found something that does!

We received Foreign Language for Kids by Kids® for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not required.

Online Spanish for kids has never been easier! With Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, your students will fall in love with learning spanish!.jpg

Online Spanish for Kids

After trying a few different Spanish curriculum, we simply couldn’t find something that grabbed our attention. Most offered only a focus on grammar rules and proper speaking terms. Of course, these are important aspects of learning a foreign language but rules don’t spark a child’s interest. Silly, fun characters do, though. And that’s exactly what we found with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®.

5 Reasons We Love Foreign Languages for Kids By Kids®

It’s Really Enjoyable:

To be honest, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is probably one of the most enjoyable programs we’ve used in our homeschool. It’s easy to make PE or art fun, but to take something that is generally so dry and dull and make it one of our favorite subjects is a big deal. My kids genuinely look forward to using the program. In fact, I’ve had to force them to put the cards away and finish their math on more than one occasion!

It’s Perfect for Busy Moms:

You know I love simplicity. With an open-and-go approach, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®is a busy mom’s dream. The cards are easy to travel with, so you can play the games in the car or just use them for review.  Even on the days when you can’t complete a lesson, your kids will still be learning by the stickers you’ve posted around your house.Online Spanish for kids has never been easier! With Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, your students will fall in love with learning spanish!

No detail has been missed! The program was designed to motivate kids to learn Spanish on their own or with very little involvement from parents. Not only does the program inspire kids to learn more, but it also shows results quickly!

The Perfect Combo of Online & Hands-On Learning:

Between the hilarious videos, cards, stickers and workbooks, there’s something for every kind of leaner. The folks at Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®has done a great job of making sure all the bases are covered. (They did work on perfecting the program for over 6 years, though!) Some days, you can do a quick review, while other days, you can go around the house, naming objects that you’ve learned.

It’s Easy to Apply:

Instead of learning how to differentiate between grammar usages right away, kids are introduced to the words they see daily. They easily learn the words they are surrounded by, both at home and in the world. Once they realize they are “speaking” Spanish, they’ll get excited and want to dive in deeper. By slowly introducing them to the “rules” of Spanish, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® makes sure they are still having fun while furthering their knowledge.

It’s Flexible:

With so many different ways of learning, you can choose how in depth you want to go each day. Only have a little bit of time? Grab the cards and play a quick game. Have an hour to spend on Spanish? Use all the different learning tools. It’s totally up to you. As long as you can squeeze in at least 2 15 minute sessions each week, you’ll see your kids’ vocabulary begin to flourish.

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If you’re looking for the perfect online spanish for kids, you won’t want to miss Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®. It’s the easiest way to jumpstart your kids’ future success with foreign languages.

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Online Spanish for kids has never been easier! With Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, your students will fall in love with learning spanish!.jpg

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