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Vista Academy Online Spanish Course

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Looking for an online Spanish course for your high schooler?

Once the high school years sneak up on you, you’ll probably start panicking a bit, like I did. Now I need to track credits, help my child figure out what they want to do with their life and teach a foreign language? That seems like an awful lot to put on my already over-crowded plate.

Math I can handle. Language arts? Check. But most colleges require a foreign language and my 2 years of public school Spanish classes left me feeling less than confident to teach my child. That’s why I set out to find an online Spanish course that could do the hard work for me!

This post is sponsored by Vista Academy. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time.
Vista Academy is the ultimate online Spanish course for homeschoolers!

Why Learn Spanish?

Besides being a requirement for most colleges, there are several other reasons that you should teach your kiddos a foreign language.

Learning to speak another language boosts creativity, confidence and flexibility.

It also increases:

problem-solving skills
critical thinking
listening skills

Vista Academy: The Best Online Spanish Course

Vista Academy is an online Spanish course that takes the guesswork out of teaching a foreign language. It’s currently used by almost 2 million students across the world. Both students and teachers love the interactive course because it keeps students engaged, challenged and entertained.

Gives Parents a Break:

If you’ve been around here for long, you know that I’m constantly looking for the easiest way to provide my kids with a high-quality education, without breaking the bank. I want to utilize other people’s strengths to teach my kiddos and help free up more time for myself.

One of the biggest benefits of using an online Spanish course is being able to pass off the responsibility to someone else and knowing they are effective and successful teachers!

Foreign Languages Enhances Transcripts:

While most states don’t require a high school foreign language credit, most colleges do! Even if your kiddo isn’t planning on attending college, it’s a good idea to take an online Spanish course now just in case they decide to go to college later down the road.

Vista Academy is the ultimate online Spanish course for homeschoolers!

About Vista Academy:

Vista Academy is a flexible online Spanish course that is overseen by native speakers. It’s a virtual world learning school that provides an innovative learning environment.

Vista Academy offers 2 tracks: ¡Olé! and ¡Bravo!

Both tracks provide the same foundation:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Flexible
  • Taught by highly trained native speakers
  • Teaches speaking, listening, reading and writing

While ¡Olé! is completely self-paced, ¡Bravo! requires 2 weekly 30 minute Zoom meetings and more interactive partner work.

Both courses provide the same exciting results!

Which course you need depends on your student. While some kids thrive on interacting with others, some also do better when allowed to work at their own pace. Simply choose the track that suits your own child best. With either track, I’m certain you’ll be happy!

If you’re looking for an interactive Spanish class that your kids will love, you can’t miss Vista Academy!

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Vista Academy is the ultimate online Spanish course for homeschoolers!
Vista Academy is the ultimate online Spanish course for homeschoolers!