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Online Homeschool Planner that WORKS!

n the last few years, I’ve become a bit of a planner girl. I love spending a few uninterrupted hours with our curriculum spread out in front of me. I arrange and rearrange the hundreds of sticky notes, trying to find the perfect schedule for our school year.

Creating the schedule is fun but sticking to it is another story. No matter how hard we try, life happens and we get off track. This results in a frantic planning session over Christmas break, rescheduling each curriculum, squeezing every bit of spare time out of our schedule so we can finish our curriculum by the end of the year.  Luckily, I’ve caught on to my habit and am smart enough to stock up on big pink erasers during the back to school sales.

Since paper-planning has failed me so miserably in the past, I decided to search out a new method. Having switched my shopping list from a paper list to a free app on my phone, my shopping trips aren’t so miserable anymore. I can easily add or delete items as needed and don’t need to worry about leaving it at home. But can a planner-girl really fall in love with an online homeschool planner?

{I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest, and I was not required to post a positive review.}
Use an online homeschool planner to make the most of your time and efforts!

The answer is “yes.” As much as I thought differently, an online homeschool planner is the answer to my dreams. Not just any planner, but Homeschool Planet.

Using Homeschool Planet,  I can easily schedule our whole year, from start to finish. The easy-to-use interface is what sets Homeschool Planet apart from other online homeschool planners.

Why I Switched to an Online Homeschool Planner

Use an online homeschool planner to make the most of your time and efforts!
Miss Manners LOVES the virtual field trips! I love the quick, pre-planned lessons that go along with them.

Add Individual Lessons or Create Entire Lesson Plans:

Setting up your school year has never been easier. With just a few clicks of the mouse, I had our entire year scheduled in under an hour. ONE HOUR, folks! That’s much quicker (and more efficient) than using the old pen and paper method. The lesson plan marketplace has revolutionized the way I schedule our homeschool.

Create Shopping and To-Do Lists:

Not only can you organize your homeschool schedule, but you can also manage your meal plans, to-do lists and shopping lists, all in one spot! One of my favorite things about this feature is that I can text my list to myself, my husband, my mom or whoever else might be picking up items for me. No more long, rushed texts, trying to remember everything I need.

 Reschedule Assignments:Use an online homeschool planner to make the most of your time and efforts!

This is it, guys. If, for no other reason, this is the reason you need to try Homeschool Planet. With just the click of a button, you can reschedule your entire year. Life happens. We move. People die. Our family grows. Sickness takes over our homes. No matter what, you can count on life happening. With this simple feature, you save hours of time by using the reschedule button.

Plan Virtual Field Trips:

We LOVE taking field trips but we simply can’t go everywhere we want. With Homeschool Planet’s Virtual Field Trips, we can take 12 field trips to places we’ll never get to experience otherwise. And it doesn’t stop there. Homeschool Planet has taken all of the work out of field trip days. With hands-on activities, worksheets and more learning opportunities, homeschool moms can enjoy a day of pre-planned fun! Whether you want to visit the US Capitol, Mark Twain’s home or visit Ireland, Homeschool Planet has made it possible, without ever leaving your home! The best part is that field trips can be easily assigned using the online homeschool planner.

With all the benefits of using an online homeschool planner, I don’t even miss using my old pen-and-paper method!

Use an online homeschool planner to make the most of your time and efforts!

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