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5 Affordable Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

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Textbooks are boring and math is a drag.

Day in and day out, you try to get past the tears but nothing seems to help. Learning math is hard for kids who are visual learners. Worksheets are too boring and kids grow distracted easily. Moms grow impatient and moods head south quickly.

Why not trade in your math book for a fun and educational adventure online?

Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a huge selection of award winning math curriculum. Whether your child is struggling with math, just needs practice or is searching for a core math curriculum, you are sure to find something to ease your math pains. (Not to mention, you can save up 67% on top online homeschool math curriculum!)

5 Affordable Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

I was compensated for my time for writing this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

5 AMAZING online homeschool math programs that you've gotta try! #4 has changed our homeschool!

Britannica SmartMath & StarMath Online Streaming:

Recommended grades: PreK-Adult

Using short and interesting videos to teach math is a great way to keep wandering minds engaged and learning. Kids will learn why the Eiffel Tower is composed of thousands of isosceles triangles, as they learn about perpendicular bisectors, . By mixing history and fun facts into the videos, kids stay engaged and tend to remember the lessons better.

Subscribers also receive free teachers guides, student activities, student quizzes and 24/7 access to the program, which includes 118 interactive flash programs.   ($39.95 for 1 year subscribtion:)

DreamBox Learning:

Recommended grades: PreK-8

It’s no secret that kids love learning through games. Dreambox Learning combines math and games to build the foundations kids need to succeed. Interactive games provide proficiency in math, making them more succefful in later years. Lessons are adapted by difficulty, pace and hints. Each grade level has over 100 lessons for students to choose from. ($49.95 for 1 year subscription)


Millions of people all over the world use this website for coaching their children. Allmath provides over 372+ calculators covering all categories including mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. From grade 1 students to professors, everyone can get benefit from this educational resource. The best thing about the Allmath calculators is that it provides you with the answers with a step-by-step solution. Students can solve their problems most comfortably and can understand the methods to get the solution. (All the features of this calculator are free to use).

5 online homeschool math curriculum

IXL Math:

Recommended grades: PreK-12

Over 5 million students currently use IXL Math to practice math, play educational games and learn new skills. With comprehensive coverage and unlimited access, kids will fall in love with the colorful games. Parents will love immediate feedback and explanations, as well as the weekly detailed reports. The available iPad app makes learning on-the-go easy. Simply practice your math while in the car or in waiting rooms. ($59.25 for 1 year subscription) 

GPA Learn’s LoveMath:

Recommended grades: K-5

Using animated learning coaches and over 800 bite-sized lessons, LoveMath is a great addition to any homeschool. Designed by certified teachers, interactive games fill gaps, update teachers and engages kids. The curriculum exceeds state and national standards. Kids will master skills and gain confidence as they complete over 60,000 problems and progress at their own pace. Homeschool Buyers Co-op

HELP Math:

Recommended grades: 3-8

HELP Math is the freshest way to brush up on both English and Math skills at the same time. With over 200 hours of lessons, parents can learn alongside their children with fun games, real world scenarios, visual and verbal cues and vibrant and colorful animation and music. Struggling students will thrive with repetition, visuals and recycling previous knowledge. HELP Math also teaches test-taking skills, which are vital to college-bound students.($99.99 for 1 year subscription)

5 AMAZING online homeschool math programs that you've gotta try! #4 has changed our homeschool!

With so many options atHomeschool Buyers Co-op , you can say goodbye to math tears!

You’re sure to find the perfect online homeschool math curriculum to fit your family!