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5 Best Online Computer Science Degrees

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Interested in earning online computer science degrees?

The world of education has taken a step forward and offers opportunities beyond the classical options. Getting a degree now is quite real without leaving your apartment. You just need to have the desire, finances, and a computer with Internet access. 

Industries of computer science and information technologies are getting more and more popular. We prepared a list of the five best online Computer Science degrees that you can obtain remotely. You just have to apply for the online education course and then enjoy all the challenges of higher education with a constant thought of “How am I supposed to do online research paper writing and meet the deadline?”

Looking to earn an online computer science degree? Check out these options!

The Best Online Computer Science Degrees

Florida International University 

It is the seventh-largest university in the U.S. and the second in the state of Florida. About 46 thousand students are studying there today. It is world-renowned for the highest level of research activity, involving distinguished students. 

Florida International University offers a 120-credit online course for the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. It focuses on computer organization, database management, and the basics of system administration. The courses are delivered as interactive learning tools that include non-synchronous workflow and real-time feedback on the completed tasks. Students will have fourteen core courses and three elective courses. 

Candidates must submit their SAT or ACT test results, as well as meet the requirements for Statistics for Business and Economics and Pre-Calculus. 

Thomas Edison State University

This public institution uses flexible, highly effective learning and assessment opportunities to teach its students in a “self-directed” way. TESU was founded in 1972. It offers several online undergraduate programs for students who are interested in continuing their education. 

Students of the Thomas Edison State University can obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. This education will prepare them for a career change, help get a higher education, or simply be a part of personal self-development. The curriculum includes both general subjects as well as core courses in information systems, programming languages, and software engineering. In total, students will have 120 credits

Applicants must be at least 20 years old and have a high school diploma or a degree certificate. 

University of Colorado Boulder  

The university has been functioning since 1876. Today it offers more than 150 fields of study. In addition to a completely-online bachelor’s and master’s degree program in applied computer science, the school also offers many undergraduate and graduate programs in computer science.

You must have a bachelor’s degree in a different field in order to enroll in this course. Students must take 45 credits in a major subject. Major courses include discrete structures, programming language principles, and techniques and tools for software development. Moreover, topics such as data system design and analysis, and introduction to artificial intelligence can be studied.

You can choose among three ways to complete a degree in applied computer science: two-year, three-year, and advanced. The advanced option requires significant time and approval of the academic program but allows students to graduate in as little as 1.5 years.

Oregon State University 

The university provides high-quality training for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. It is also a renowned American research center. Despite the huge number of educational programs, this university is famous for training highly qualified engineers, business specialists, and researchers. 

The university offers a fully-online study to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The course consists of 180 credits, and you can apply for it four times a year. The program is designed for students who already have a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject.

The course includes computer programming, mobile and web development, user interfaces, computer systems and networks, and software design. Students will study discrete structures in computer science, databases, computer architecture, and other topics.

Oregon State University dives its students into the fields of algorithms, data structure, and problem-solving.  

Dakota State University

The University was founded in 1881 as the first teacher education institution in Dakota. The university has an online bachelor’s degree program in computer science. After training, you will be able to become a developer, analyst, security specialist, and software engineer. 

The course includes basic computer science topics such as programming languages, operating systems, algorithms, information security, data structures, systems analysis, and design, etc. You can learn both synchronously and asynchronously. 

On admission, you must submit a high school diploma or GED, as well as extracts of all previous academic works. Potential students must also provide the latest SAT or ACT test results. 

The price for the education at any of the institutions varies and depends on the rates. The average cost may start at $7.000 and go as far as $40.000. If you are not sure whether this career is right for you, try free online courses. This small trial education will help you understand if you like the industry. It’ll also become an excellent base for further education. 

Looking to earn an online computer science degree? Check out these options!