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How I Make Money While Homeschooling My Kids

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Have you ever wanted to do something so badly but your darn bank account prohibited it? That’s how I was, just a few years ago! I wanted to give my kiddos fun experiences and memories that would last a lifetime. Weekend getaways and guilt-free trips to the movie theaters. I dreamed of beach adventures and long road trips in the car. The problem was, as a homeschool family, we were operating on a single income. Being the rocket scientist that I am, I knew that if I wanted to create the life I dreamed of, I would have to figure out a way to make money while homeschooling my kids.

The first few years of homeschooling, I searched for ways to make money. I sold all of my kids’ clothes at consignment sales. I held garage sales and sold all kinds of stuff on Facebook Marketplace. I babysat. I cleaned houses. I even took online surveys to make a few bucks. But it never really resulted in much.

One day, as I was working on my little hobby blog, I stumbled upon some free resources that changed my life.

Learn how I make money while homeschooling my kids! No selling, leaving your kids with sitters or anything crazy! You just need the internet and a few hours a week! #homeschooling #makemoney #workathome #momblog #homeschoolonabudget

Never before had I realized that people actually make money from blogging.

Here I was, sharing our day-to-day lives with my family and friends, just because I enjoyed it. I wanted others to know what we were up to. I liked sharing our hard-learned lessons, as we stumbled through our homeschool adventures.  It was all so much fun for me and helped keep me accountable.

Family that lived hours away would see our projects and field trips and call to talk about it with our kids. It was just my way of showing others that homeschooling doesn’t have to be stressful and crazy. You don’t have to be trained in education. I just wanted to encourage others.

It didn’t take long before my family and friends started sharing our journey with their family and friends. Those folks wanted to know more. They read the blog and shared it with their friends.

I fell in love with blogging.

One day, while trying to figure out a simple technical problem I was having, I found Elite Blog Academy. It flipped my world upside down and gave me some serious inspiration.

I saw loads of women who were making full time incomes from their blog.

They had committed to changing their family’s finances and they were doing just that. They had committed to changing their family’s finances and they were doing just that. Make money online from home. On a computer. Doing exactly what I was already doing for FUN!

It seemed too good to be true!

If you’ve been around here long, you know I like to jump in feet first and that’s exactly what I did. I vowed to turn my blog into a profit-generating machine. I was going to make some cash, no matter what it took. Nothing could stop me now…

Except for life.

When I decided to turn my blog into a business, life was crazy.

We were in the middle of a huge addition to our house. We’d just lost a very close and loved family member. And we were still fairly new to homeschooling. But I didn’t take any of that craziness into account. I just knew I wanted to be a blogger and would work, little by little, to make that dream come true.

I wish I could say that I worked on my blog for 40 hours a week from the get-go, but in reality, it took me 3 years of working an average of 10 hours a week before I made what I considered a “part-time” income.

How I Make Money while Homeschooling My Kids

Last year, I surpassed my big goal of making $10,000 in one year, strictly from my blog. 

I was thrilled!

In fact, the day I hit the $10,000 mark, I took my family out to a fancy-schmancy dinner to celebrate! It was the best feeling in the world!

Okay, okay, okay.

I know.

This all sounds crazy, for a self-proclaimed lazy homeschooling mom to be able to bring in that kind of money, while working only a few hours a day.

But it’s true. It happened to me and it happens a lot more than you think.

In fact, there are a lot of stay-at-home moms who have turned into bloggers who make over $20,000 a MONTH!

So, how did I even make money while homeschooling with a blog?

It’s simple.


I decided to work on my blog for 10 hours each week, whether it was 10 hours on Sunday or 2 hours every weekday. If I got to Saturday and I hadn’t blogged that week, I cancelled my plans and got my blogging work done! It became a priority. Once I did that, the money started to appear.

But where does the money even come from?

Well, there are lots of ways but this is how I did it:

Ads: $3,201

These are the little ads that pop up on the bottom of your screen as you scroll through my blog. When a reader clicks on them, I make a tiny little bit of money.

Sponsored Posts: $2,350

Sponsored content is my favorite way to make money. It isn’t my highest-earner but I just love it. Companies contact me and ask me to review their products or services. I test them out and if I like them, I share them with my readers. Then the company pays me a set amount of money. I get to try new products that I wouldn’t normally try and  work with some of my favorite companies. Plus, I get paid while I do it! Who the heck wouldn’t love that!?!

Products: $168:

It’s no doubt that creating your own products has the highest potential to earn money but I have never really gotten into it yet. I did create one single product at the very end of the year and ended up making $168 in just the few days that it was available. One of my big goals this year is to create more products that will help my readers tame the chaos in their homes and encourage them in their journey.

Affiliate Links: $4,629

Do you ever just fall in love with a product and want to tell everyone you know about it? Me, too! When I share something we love and the readers click on it and make a purchase, I earn a small percentage of that sale. Best of all, it doesn’t cost the readers any extra money. Companies view affiliates as walking, talking billboards. After all, we all know that word of mouth is the best advertisement.

In a nutshell, that’s how bloggers make their money. All of my income hasn’t been reported yet for last year but even with these figures, I still kicked my goal in the tushie!

The craziest thing about all of this is that ANYONE can blog! And I do mean anyone.

I am the most technologically ignorant person you’ll ever meet. In fact, earlier today, my daughter had to explain to me, yet again, that our FireStick remote is the same remote control we use to adjust the volume on our TV. (In my defense, I’ve been using the same remote for 20 years and suddenly they toss me a new one and expect me to remember how to use it!) 😉 Have I ever mentioned that getting old sucks?

If you have access to the Internet, about $100 to get your website started and a reason “why,” you can become a blogger!

You may be like me when I first started, and just want a few extra hundred dollars to spend as you wish. Or you might be like I am now, and want to make a full time income from blogging so your husband can quit his job and be a stay-at-home dad.

Either way, YOU can make money blogging. Your kids can make money blogging. Heck, even your grandma can make money blogging!

So, from one struggling homeschool mom to another, I know how important these years are. You want to be with your kids and you know you have to sacrifice some things to make that happen. For us, it was a second income but I wasn’t willing to miss out on my kids’ lives. I knew I could make money while homeschooling. I just didn’t know how big I could dream while doing it!

Dreams DO come true!

My own blog has come a long, long way in the last few months.

This summer, our family took a 2 week road trip down Route 66, all paid for with my blogging income! We visited the Petrified Forest, sat on the beaches of Laguna Beach, visited the Hollywood sign, saw the Grand Canyon and camped in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I would’ve never even dreamed our family could afford all of those memories!

If you’re struggling in your job or your finances need an overhaul, I simply can’t recommend blogging enough. One lucky Google search changed my life forever and right now, you have the chance to change your life, too.

Learn how I make money while homeschooling my kids! No selling, leaving your kids with sitters or anything crazy! You just need the internet and a few hours a week! #homeschooling #makemoney #workathome #momblog #homeschoolonabudget

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