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LuLaRoe for Moms? Uh, duh.

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Last summer, my sister started wearing some funky pants.

She’d show up at my house in these wild leggings or a T-shirt that was covered in vibrant patterns.

A crazy, yet adorable, pair of leggings with paper airplanes on them had me curious.  Why was my sister, whose wardrobe held hardly  anything but black or grey, suddenly fallen in love with clothes that scream for attention?

Is LuLaRoe appropriate for moms? Is there an actual age-limit on these crazy-adorable super-soft leggings? If so, I'm tossing caution to the wind and going with what my booty is telling me is best. :D

Turns out, she’d signed up to be a LuLaRoe consultant.

LuLaRoe For Moms!

For the first few months, she urged me to have a “sister fashion show” with her. You know the kind: Hanging out at your sisters house and you head to the closet to see if she has anything you might want. After trying on everything, you sneak away with her favorite new shirt.

But after hearing the price, I decide they just weren’t for me. I mean, I’m a stay-at-home mom. I can buy a week’s worth of lattes for the price of one pair of leggings. And honestly, one of those is vital to my family’s health and well-being and it sure wasn’t the leggings.

After seeing the crazy-growth in her business, I decided to give it a shot. I bought my first line of coke pair of  leggings. Holy smokes. I was hooked. With large black and white triangles, these leggings slid over my oversize thighs and felt like home. My legs were made to hang out in LuLaRoe’s buttah leggings. (Yeah, they describe their leggings as “buttah” because they are so soft and comfy.)LuLaRoe For Moms!

But, you might be wondering, did I look like a stick of butter who’d been squeezed and had my buttery goodness squishing out of every available space. The answer is surprisingly NO! While I don’t have my sister’s made-for-leggings body, the thick waist on the leggings help to keep all of my extra “fluff” neatly contained. The material is as forgiving as it is fun. The bold prints are a welcomed distraction from my insecurities. Instead of checking out my latest roll of chub, people were asking about my leggings.

The leggings were much thicker than I’d expected. They are so freakin’ cozy that they quickly replaced my homeschool uniform (yoga pants) and every pair of jeans in my closet.

Because, let’s face it. After 3 C-Sections, my stomach will never be the same as it once was. Zippers on jeans have been the cause of dull pain around my scar for years. Going up/down a jean size fails to help. I guess those baby-scars are just too sensitive for the roughness of denim and metal poking into you when you sit down. But you know what doesn’t hurt? Super smooth leggings that fit me like a glove.

But is LuLaRoe for moms?

I mean, aren’t you a little big for leggings? Well, honey, I may be. You might spout off a few snarky comments and that’s fine. I was once shallow enough to do the same. But now? I am comfortable. I don’t need to rip my jeans off as soon as I get home. I can lounge in my leggings or wear them in public. Either way, I don’t have to wear uncomfortable mom-jeans just to look presentable. Paired with a long shirt, you don’t even see my booty, camel toe or cellulite-covered thighs. You’re welcome.

In reality, people don’t dislike leggings on anything larger than a size 8. They dislike the shirts that people choose to pair with their leggings. LuLaRoe even sells several different styles of shirts that pair perfectly with leggings, just for this reason!

Moms are looking for something that makes them comfortable, confident and doesn’t make them feel like a slob. LuLaRoe might just be the answer for them. Fun prints, unexpected patterns and uber-comfort make them hard to pass up, no matter your size. If you’re not into bold prints, they also have more subtle options, like light colors, foral prints or even solid leggings.

Next time you see a mama rocking her LuLaRoe, compliment her instead of smirking at the size of her hips. You never know how much courage it took for her to finally wear something that she’s comfortable in instead of her “mom-iform.”

Is LuLaRoe appropriate for moms? Is there an actual age-limit on these crazy-adorable super-soft leggings? If so, I'm tossing caution to the wind and going with what my booty is telling me is best. :D

 LuLaRoe For Moms! LuLaRoe For Moms!

Wanna grab your own super-comfy leggings? You can join my sister’s Facebook group here and see what she’s got in stock. It changes from week to week, so if you see something you want, grab it up quickly!