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Learning Science Through Storytelling

Learning Science Through Storytelling

Over the last few weeks, we’ve slowly started wrapping up our homeschool year.
One subject after another is coming to a close and I’ve found that there are some things that my kids just want more of.

So, I’ve started looking for easy ways to weave science and geography into our summer, without using a rigorous curriculum.

I’ve found that experiments require a lot of shopping and prep work. They leave a mess all around the house and require a lot of effort. (Who am I kidding? I’m just tired and want to enjoy a few weeks of summer break with NO to-do list.)

I needed something simpler. Something we could open-and-go as needed. Something more relaxed but still exciting enough to keep the kids’ attention.

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Who knew learning science through storytelling could be so fun?

Learning Science through Storytelling

From the moment Joy Hakim’s “Discovering Life’s Stories” books landed on my front porch, I was smitten.

The gorgeous, bright photos and illustrations immediately drew me in. The hard-cover book looked more like a piece of art than an easy way to include science in our days. I knew that strewing it around my home would result in hours of learning science through storytelling and I couldn’t wait to dive in and read it with my kids.

There are 2 books in the series Discovering Life’s Story:

Flipping through the books made me realize THIS was the perfect way to add some educational aspects to our relaxed days. Learning science through storytelling was an approach I’d never seen before and I loved it!

Discovering Life’s Story

Best-selling author, Joy Hakim, has taken a completely new approach to the new series. Each of the books is presented in a fun and engaging manner, drawing the reader in and leaving them wanting more.

Readers are encouraged to think for themselves, ask questions and look at science in a whole new way.

The books are perfect for any age, because everyone loves a good story!

Who knew learning science through storytelling could be so fun?

One of my favorite things about the Discovering Life’s Story series is that the writing is done in present tense.

I’d never seen this approach with a science book and was instantly hooked.

The ease of learning science through storytelling makes you feel like you’re right there, while the events are unfolding.

The books made me question things that had never even crossed my mind before and left me wondering if, in their shoes, I would have done the same thing as the folks I was reading about.

For instance, it never occurred to me that people had to figure out how and why things decompose. I’ve always just accepted the little bit of information I know and never given it a second thought. But what if those people hadn’t just accepted that things are the way they are? If they’d never jumped in and tried to figure out life’s little mysteries, would my life be completely different?

Reading Discovering Life’s Story books left me wondering so many questions but it also explained things that I had never even thought of.

The books quickly moved to the top of my “must-have” list and I started recommending them to everyone. It didn’t take long before I noticed Bear curled up on the couch reading them. Since then, we’ve taken turns reading the books aloud to one another.

Who would’ve thought that learning science through storytelling was exactly what our homeschool days needed?

Who knew learning science through storytelling could be so fun?

Grab your copy of the Discovering Life’s Story series today!

Learn more about author, Joy Hakim, and her award-winning books