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20 Johnny Appleseed Recipes Your Kids Will Love

Everyone loves the crunch of a ripe, crisp apple dipped in peanut butter but why should the deliciousness stop there?
At our house, we love apple-flavored anything! Some days I sit down for a snack and give a silent “thank you” to good ol’ John Chapman for all of his hard work, all those years ago.

Johnny {Chapman} Appleseed was so amazing, that we’ve set aside a day dedicated to him! On September 26th each year, kids around the country can be found sporting pot hats, overalls and barefoot in honor of Johnny Appleseed’s birthday.

This year, while you work on your Johnny Appleseed crafts and activities, give apples new life with one of our simple Johnny Appleseed recipes!

Celebrate September 8th with these super simple Johnny Appleseed recipes! They're so easy, kids can make them, too! #johnnyappleseed #kidsinthekitchen #simplerecipes #easyrecipes #apples #baking

20 Johnny Appleseed Recipes

Caramel Apple Dump Cake

If you’re looking for quick and easy, then this recipe from Snappy Gourmet is for you! I love that it uses fresh apples instead of canned apple pie filling, as other recipes do. I love avoiding pre-packaged foods wherever possible!Johnny Appleseed Recipes

Crock Pot Applesauce

This tried and true recipe is one of our very favorites. It’s simple and makes your house smell AMAZING!

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

If you are like me, anything made in the slow cooker is a hit! With so much to do, cooking healthy and delicious meals often gets pushed to the back-burner. But this yummy recipe from Pass The Knife makes apple butter so easy, even toddlers can do it!

Country Apple Dumplings

I will never forget the first time I tried Apple Dumplings made with biscuits, fresh sliced apples, cinnamon, sugar and Mountain Dew. I was amazed that they could be so simple yet taste so heavenly. And they’re so easy, you can keep whip them up in no time!

Oven-Dried Apple Chips-

I’ve always made dried apples using my dehydrater but after seeing how simple it is to make them using the oven, I can’t wait to try it out!

Cinnamon Apple Cake-

A healthy and light apple cake that makes your mouth water? Yes, please!

Apple Pie Ice Cream Pie-

All of your favorite things are mixed into this one delightful dessert! You don’t want to miss this scrumptious treat!

Apple Juice-

Who knew making your own apple juice was so easy? The folks over at Tablespoon.com walk you through the (incredibly simple) step-by-step process!

Glazed Apple Crumb Muffins

Oh my golly! These muffins from Sally’s Baking Addiction look too good to eat! The kids will love your long time if you whip some of these babies up for breakfast!

Apple Pancakes-

The Smitten Kitchen has a great recipe for effortless apple pancakes. And the fact that she cooked them on a cast iron skillet is just the icing on the cake!caramel-apple-nachos-2

Caramel Apples-

My Litter has put her own fun twist on caramel apples, taking them from a sticky mess to bite-size and adorable!

Baked Apples-

With only 2 minutes of prep time and 40 minutes of baking, this delicious treat will be ready in no time at all! Grab the kids and they’ll love helping with this simple dish from Momtastic.

Apple Pie Bars-

If you’ve ever wanted to serve fresh apple pie to a crowd, you’ve realized how much work it is to whip up a single pie that only feeds 8 people. The solution is to just make apple pie bars instead. Equally delicious but so much easier!

Sugar Cookie Apple Pizza-

When you start combining healthy food with things like caramel and sugar cookies, you’re guaranteed to make the kids beg for them. This delicious sugar cookie apple pizza is no different!

Apple Crisp-

It doesn’t get much simpler than this easy recipe from Moms Who Think.  The kids will love helping out in the kitchen while you mix up this yummy treat. Added bonus: You probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen!

Apple Nachos-

When I stumbled upon Lil Luna’s easy-peasy recipe for apple nachos, I had a “Why didn’t I think of that!?!” moment. So smart and yet so delicious! The kids will go cray-cray over this scrumptious snack!

Fried Apples-

This is a delicious treat for all ages. Make some for breakfast, dessert or a snack. You won’t have to worry about leftovers once the family smells this flavor-packed recipe from Living on a Dime.

Apple Leathers-

The kids will fall in love with this tasty alternative to fruit roll ups. And you won’t be able to resist them once you compare the ingredient list with that of store-bought versions! Baked by Rachel provides a tasty and healthy snack using items you already have on-hand.

Apple Turnovers:

Kids-Cooking-Activities has an awesome list with several easy apple recipes that kids can help you make. I love the Apple Turnover recipe because it’s painless yet challenging enough for my older kids.

Apple Bread-

All I can think of is banana bread, but with APPLES! Now my mouth is watering and I’m dying to get some of this made ASAP!


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Grab a fun book to read with your Johnny Appleseed recipes!

Celebrate September 8th with these super simple Johnny Appleseed recipes! They're so easy, kids can make them, too! #johnnyappleseed #kidsinthekitchen #simplerecipes #easyrecipes #apples #baking

I’m grabbing my keys and purse and headed to the grocery to pick up a hundred apples. My taste buds are oh-so-thankful for Johnny Appleseed! The only problem is deciding which Johnny Appleseed recipe to make first!

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