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How to Save Money on Netflix

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Cable and satellite television have gotten incredibly expensive. Not only are they expensive, but you are generally locked into a contract after signing up. This means that you are stuck with hundreds of channels, you may not even use.

When things get tough financially and you need to make cuts, you are stuck with your monthly television bill until your contract runs out. These are reasons why many people have cut their ties with their cable company, and have signed up for streaming television, like Netflix.

Did you know that you can save money on your monthly Netflix bill?

These 3 simple tips have helped me save money on Netflix for years! Start now and you'll be glad you did. (Why didn't I think of #3 before now!?!?)

3 Easy Tips to Save Money on Netflix


Share Your Netflix Account

Netflix originally intended for one account to be used by one household. This means that anyone in your immediate household could have access to the same account. It was frowned upon to share an account with others in different households, however the CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, has since stated that he does not see a problem with people sharing accounts. So, if you want to save a few bucks, and split your account with a friend, or other family, feel free to share. If you’re sharing your account, make sure you split the cost of your account with the “other people.”

Revisit Your Netflix Subscription

Netflix offers three different tiers of streaming television, ranging from $7.99 to $11.99 per month. The cheapest plan allows you to stream in standard definition on one device, while the most expensive package, at only four dollars more, will allow you to stream in ultra high definition on up to four devices. If you do not plan to be watching Netflix on more than one device, or you do not care about what kind of definition you are watching, you can save money by subscribing to a cheaper package.

Cancel Your Plan When Necessary

Are there certain times of the year that you just do not watch much television, like summertime? Why pay for a service that you are not using? Simply cancel your subscription during the months that you do not spend much time watching tv. It is easy to subscribe again when you are ready. Netflix will be waiting for you!

Saving on Netflix is just like anything else. When you look at ways to save and apply that knowledge, you really can save a few bucks.

How do you save money on Netflix?  Share your tips below!

PIN IT! These 3 simple tips have helped me save money on Netflix for years! Start now and you'll be glad you did. (Why didn't I think of #3 before now!?!?)

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