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How to Prepare for PreMed Major

Looking for tips to becoming a premed major?

Studying at home is gaining more and more popularity. Many parents believe that if a child is a homeschooler, he can direct his powers of ignorance to what he needs for his future profession. But when a homeschooled child says he wants to be a doctor, it can cause parents to doubt whether the child has enough knowledge to do so. Since entering a medical school immediately can be challenging, the term PreMed exists. This term means that a person wants to study in medical school and plans to become a doctor. There are many schools for PreMed. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare for pre med if the child was educated at home.

These tips to prepare to be a premed major are just what we needed!

How to Prepare for PreMed Major

Be prepared for the test

Students who are going to enter the medical school must pass a particular test. MCAT is an exam that lasts almost 8 hours and includes four sections:

  • biological and biochemical foundations of living systems;
  • chemical and physical foundations of biological systems;
  • psychological, social, and biological bases of behavior;
  • critical analysis and reasoning skills.

The highest possible score for this test is 528 points. And the average score for medical school students is about 509, so you should aim for that score to get in without any problems. Many courses can help you prepare for this exam. But to be sure of your knowledge, you should read the Magoosh MCAT review and understand whether such courses will be helpful for you. By reading the description and reviews of the courses, you will know whether they will help you in your preparation and whether you should count on them.

Read about different medical schools and compare

Parents or prospective students should read about the different types of medical schools and compare them. You need to take advantage of online resources, plan tours of educational institutions and collect materials from each prospective school. This way, the child will understand what specific knowledge he needs to enter such a school. Some educational institutions even allow future students to attend several classes to know whether they want to choose such a profession. It is worth considering that each medical school has its requirements, so it is essential to ensure that the child fulfills them all.

What does it take to get into medical school?

The advantage is that it is not necessary to have a diploma in the medical field to enter such a school. The main thing is that the child is motivated and wants to become a doctor and work in this field. But some schools may still require you to take some courses related to your future major. That is, it may be that the child will have to study biology, general or organic chemistry, and physics for a year. 

Also, to prepare for medical school, it is necessary to develop specific skills. The profession of a doctor requires such skills as analytical thinking, the ability to solve problems, think quickly, communicate and find a common language with others, conduct research, and work in groups. In addition, the student must have developed written and oral skills. Comprehension of the English language is also essential when applying to medical school.

Search for like-minded people

To make it easier for a child to understand whether he wants to be a doctor and study at a medical school, he should find children of his age who share such goals. To do this, it is worth going on excursions to different schools to get to know people or trying to search on social networks for people who are already studying or planning to enter medical school. Communicating with like-minded people will help you understand what to expect when taking the Entrance Exam or other exams.

Communicate with teachers

In addition to communicating with like-minded people, it is worth contacting future teachers. You can come to the medical school of your choice and arrange a consultation with any teacher. This way, you will understand how the evaluation system works at the school and how lessons are conducted. If the child communicates with several teachers before admission, he will be able to understand whether he will be comfortable studying here in the future.

Develop your skills

Even though most schools do not require the completion of special courses, it will still be advantageous if the child is already familiar with some subjects or has attended medical courses. A child can find a variety of science courses to be fully prepared for medical school. You can try to take classes in genetics, health care, ethics, microbiology, human physiology, psychology, and sociology. When you enter medical school, you can show off your knowledge and have a better chance of getting in.

Ask for a letter of recommendation

You can ask the teachers to write a letter of recommendation if you have completed any courses or studied at any educational institution. This letter can be an advantage at admission because the teachers will see that you have studied all the time diligently and are ready to acquire new knowledge.

Choose the specialty that you like the most

Medical schools offer a vast number of different specialties, among which are the most popular. But if you choose something because it is popular, not because you like it, it will be difficult to study. Before deciding on a specialty, read about each of them and understand what you want to do in the future. In this way, learning will bring not only benefits but also pleasure.


If you’ve been studying at home the whole time and think you won’t be able to get into medical school, you’re wrong. After all, regardless of the admission conditions, everything depends only on you. If you develop your skills, take different courses, and have a strong motivation, you can get into medical school. The main thing is not to rush to select an educational institution. Research all possible options and choose the best one for you.

These tips to prepare to be a premed major are just what we needed!