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How Homeschooled Kids Get Ready for College

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Wondering how homeschooled kids get ready for college?

Are you the parent of a home-schooled child? If so, you’ve probably wondered how to prepare your youngsters for the challenges of college. One thing home-school programs often miss out on is standardized testing prep. That’s because many public and private grade schools and high schools offer in-curricula test prep courses. Likewise, traditional schools have full-fledged counseling departments that help students with the search for scholarship money. If you want your daughter or son to get the same benefit of professional counseling and targeted prep for standardized tests, consider the following suggestions. If you home-school your kids, there’s no reason to miss out on any of the key factors that go into preparing for college.

I always wondered how homeschooled kids get ready for college and now I know!

How Homeschooled Kids Get Ready for College

Using Test Prep Courses

The testing landscape changes annually, but all prospective college students should take at least one of the major tests, like the ACT or SAT, before applying to the schools of their choice. The challenge is in the preparation. Even academically advanced kids often find it hard to deal with the unique setup of formal tests. Prep courses are the answer. You can choose from free online versions or opt to pay for extensive preparation classes. In most cases, the paid courses are much better. Just be careful to stick with reputable organizations that have been around for ten or more years. Test Prep will help students prepare for the examination.

Searching for the Right Scholarships

Those who study in a home-school environment through high school graduation need to find scholarship opportunities. They can’t saunter into the academic counselor’s office and ask for help. The best way to overcome this challenge is to use an online search and apply platform for identifying college scholarship resources. The good news is that there are thousands of scholarships out there. The downside is that you have zero chance of getting money if you don’t ask for it via a formal application. No-cost online platforms give you the power to scan through hundreds of opportunities in less than 30 minutes. Then you can submit electronic applications at the same time. Don’t let the lack of a public-school infrastructure hurt your chances of winning money to cover college expenses.

Joining Online Forums and Interest Groups

Another free resource is also an online one, namely interest groups for home-school students. Some of these groups and discussion forums are run by parents, and others are professional sites that host wide-ranging conversations. The focus is on getting home-school pupils ready for life after high school. There are no costs to join, and you’ll find out plenty about where to search for grants, how to maximize your child’s chances of getting accepted to their first-choice school, and more.

Consulting Professional Counselors

Don’t miss out on what a professional academic counselor can do for your youngsters. Kids who don’t attend traditional schools often need objective, expert advice from someone who can guide them through the college application process and help them choose an institution that suits their academic goals. Independent counselors charge modest hourly fees. The majority of licensed professionals offer free half-hour consultations with parents so you can decide if your child will benefit from the help.

Hopefully this article has hoped you understand exactly how homeschooled kids get ready for college. The fact is, it’s really not that different than public schooled kids!

I always wondered how homeschooled kids get ready for college and now I know!