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Apologia’s Homeschool Writing Curriculum

As a writer and lover of words, I know the importance of good writing habits. Writing is like a muscle; the more it’s used, the stronger it becomes. Yet somehow I’ve allowed our homeschool to suffer in this area. It wasn’t an intentional choice but I just never found a homeschool writing curriculum that made me giddy. Most were dull and I knew it would be a fight to get my kids to do them. I didn’t want to create negative feelings for writing, so I just avoided it altogether.

Occasionally, we’d do a book report and we did practice some spelling words. Vocabulary was hit and miss, depending on our workload of the week.

What exactly was I looking for in a  homeschool writing curriculum?

Well, for starters, it couldn’t be just black and white. My kids thrive on colorful pages and images. Yet most homeschool writing curriculum are bland, offering little excitement.

I wanted it to spark a love for writing, without overwhelming my kids.

It needed to be age appropriate and thorough. I’ve seen enough curriculum to know what’s simply a trend and what a curriculum with a strong foundation look like.

{I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.}

Writers in Residence is the most engaging homeschool writing curriculum we've found! The kids are LOVING it!


Luckily for me, Apologia has created an amazing all-in-one homeschool writing curriculum. Geared to grades 4-8, it makes writing fun for students. Readers in Residence covers grammar, punctuation and capitalization, all while helping your child find his inner-voice. With engaging lessons and simple tips to improve your writing, your child will soon become a seasoned writer.

3 Reasons We love Writer’s In Residence


Say “Adios” to Boring Writing Lessons:

With Apologia’s homeschool writing curriculum, you can say goodbye to the boring, run-of-the-mill lessons. The engaging interviews with famous Christian authors and the simple writing strategies introduced will take the negative tone out of writing. As the book states “It is easier to push a cart downhill than pull it uphill,” meaning that once your child finds the joy in writing, you won’t have to struggle with motivation. Putting words onto paper is easy but knowing how to arrange them and bring them to life can be difficult. With Writers in Residence, kids can learn to apply simple ideas to make their writing as interesting as possible. The captivating images and vibrant pages help liven up the lessons, making kids enjoy them!

Writers in Residence is the most engaging homeschool writing curriculum we've found! The kids are LOVING it!

Lesson Plans Made Easy:

It’s no secret that I love anything that makes my life more simple. One huge reason I love Apologia’s science is because they provide a do-able schedule that isn’t too rigorous for our family. The same is true with their homeschool writing curriculum. With a plan to be used 4 days a week and only 32 weeks, it leaves us plenty of time to get caught up if we should get behind. The activities and assignments have natural stopping points and are not too lengthy.

Perfect for Parent Who Aren’t Writers:

While I love writing and all that it entails, not everyone does. Writers in Residence takes all of the guess-work out for parents who are not natural writers, with an easy-to-use answer key. Simple checklists, evaluation rubrics and easy-to-follow directions make evaluating your child’s work a breeze. No more wondering if they’re stumbling along. With the answer key, you can find everything you need! Paired with Readers in Residence, this curriculum will take care of ALL of your language arts needs!

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If you’re like me and you’ve put off writing for too long, there’s finally a homeschool writing curriculum with all the bells and whistles, but simple enough to keep your kids happy!

Head to Apologia today to pick up your copy!

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Writers in Residence is the most engaging homeschool writing curriculum we've found! The kids are LOVING it!