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Homeschool Testing: Are We “Behind?”

Years ago, when we were brand-spankin’ new homeschoolers, there was only one thing that truly worried me about the path we’d chosen. It wasn’t the cost. It wasn’t the absence of “me time.” It certainly wasn’t the fear of my kids missing out on socialization. The only thing that really scared me was that I would fail my kids. That they would fall behind and I would cause them years of frustration and struggles.

I spent countless nights laying in bed, chasing sleep while overthinking our decision. I’d met homeschoolers who couldn’t communicate well, struggled to read and had the spelling ability of a preschooler. I knew I didn’t want my kids to be those kids. I didn’t want to  drop them off at college without them being armed and ready to face to the world. 

Five years later, I decided we needed to find something to ease my mind. With one kiddo in high school, one in middle school and one in kindergarten, I wanted to make sure I was doing “enough” and see what areas I could improve.


Homeschool testing is affordable, easy and gives us moms peace of mind! #homeschooltesting #homeschoolers #affordable #homeschoolonabudget

I decided to start researching homeschool testing for my kiddos.

There were a few things in particular that I was looking for:

  • Must be very affordable
  • Needed to be online
  • Very detailed results
  • Could be taken at home
  • Must not stress-out my daughter who suffers from anxiety
  • Process couldn’t be too complicated

I found several options available but most of them couldn’t even check off my first requirement of being affordable. I saw some tests costing as much as $100+ for each student. Unfortunately, my cheap self wasn’t about to pay that much! In fact, that’s more than I spend on most of my kids’ curriculum for an entire year! There was no way I was going to drop $300+ to make sure my kids were on target.

Once I landed at Affordable Homeschool Testing Services, I knew I’d hit the jackpot. Not only did it meet every single one of my requirements but it exceeded my expectations. Setting up our testing was a piece of cake! Taking the test was a walk in the park and reading the results was a cinch! Using Affordable Homeschool Testing Services, I was able to guage all three of my kids’ levels for the price I would’ve spent on each kiddo using other sites!

Homeschool testing is affordable, easy and gives us moms peace of mind! #homeschooltesting #homeschoolers #affordable #homeschoolonabudget

Using Affordable Homeschool Testing Services is simple!

Testing is broken down into two separate days; one for reading and one for math. You simply enter your child’s name, birthdate and grade then choose a time and date from the list provided. I was worried that there wouldn’t be any time slots that were convenient for us, but I was wrong. You can test almost any time, any day.  Once you’ve picked your dates and times, you simply need to pay using a credit or debit card. Affordable Homeschool Testing Services costs $60 for the first child and $45 for each additional child.

On the day of testing, you need to call the provided number to recieve your login creditials and password. The password changes daily so you will need to call on both days. The lady I spoke with was very helpful, making sure each of my kiddos were logged in successfully and ready to start testing. Being an introvert, I’ll admit, I  dreaded making the phone call but I was off the phone in less than a minute! It was no biggie and she didn’t even try to make small talk. 😉

Homeschool testing is affordable, easy and gives us moms peace of mind! #homeschooltesting #homeschoolers #affordable #homeschoolonabudget

I opted to test all 3 of my kiddos at the same time so that the house would be quiet and everyone could concentrate. Luckily, each of my kiddos have their own laptop or tablets, so we were able to spread out in the living areas and take the tests simultaniously. Each test took between 30 minutes and an hour and wasn’t stressful at all!

Within a few days, we had our test results! I was pleasantly surprised to find that, even after a few years of unschooling, my kids were right on track for their age! In fact, they tested HIGH in many of the areas I worried about the most. With 30-50 pages of incredibly detailed results, I knew exactly where we needed to focus and what subjects we were rocking!

I was ecstatic to show off our test results to my husband, parents, nosey neighbors and anyone else who had expressed concern about my kids. I am so proud of them and of myself. My only regret is that I didn’t test them using Affordable Homeschool Testing Services sooner. Then maybe I would’ve been more confident in my snarky replies to the stinging remarks we’ve heard over the years.

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Worried your kiddos are behind, too?

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Homeschool testing is affordable, easy and gives us moms peace of mind! #homeschooltesting #homeschoolers #affordable #homeschoolonabudget

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