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Homeschool PE Channels to Get You Moving!

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Fun list of quick and easy homeschool PE channels. I hadn't heard of most of these. Great way to release some energy when you can't get outside.Fun list of quick and easy homeschool PE channels. I hadn't heard of most of these. Great way to release some energy when you can't get outside.


Living in Missouri means that Mother Nature is moody. It’s not rare to turn on your heater and air conditioner in the same day. Between frigid winter days and steaming summertime, some days it’s hard to get outside to release some energy. Lucky for us, we live in a time where You Tube can save our sanity.

While most smart TVs an stream YouTube with ease, you an also catch videos on your “not-so-smart” older TV. There are several ways to make that happen. Whether you choose to stream through your gaming system, fierce PC or a Roku, it’s easier than ever.

Plenty of YouTubers have seen the dire need for exercise videos geared toward children. They’ve created homeschool PE channels, dance party channels and more!

Fun list of quick and easy homeschool PE channels. I hadn't heard of most of these. Great way to release some energy when you can't get outside.


8 YouTube Homeschool PE Channels to Make Kids Move

Cosmic Kids Yoga

With guided relaxation, mindfulness and yoga adventures, your kids will learn the basics of yoga in a fun way. They’ll enjoy this gentle introduction to yoga and peacefulness.

20 Online

This set of 4 exercises is a great introduction to fitness for kids. The 20-minute workouts are challenging but not too hard for kids to feel like they are making progress.

Debbie Doo Kids TV

Younger kids will love boppin’ around with Debbie Doo. She’s got all kinds of fun songs that make living room dance parties all the rage! From “Five Little Monkeys” to “Wheels on the Bus,” she adds her fun spin to each song, encouraging kids to hop, bounce, balance and so much more!

Dance Exercise

Follow along as your kids fall in love with the Twist, the Chicken Dance, the Washing Machine and more fun dances. The YouTube videos are short and sweet, as they are a preview of a dance exercise DVD, but there is plenty there to make them sweat.

Go Noodle

My kids have a slight obsession with the GoNoodle website, so I was thrilled to find their videos on YouTube. The fun (and sometimes straight-up goofy) songs make the kids laugh and be-bop around. The videos are perfect for releasing some pent-up energy without getting too crazy.

The Kiboomers

Funky Monkey, Freeze Dance, counting songs and so much more make this a great channel for younger kids. They’ll enjoy the holiday songs, as well as classics.

Power Girl Fitness

Geared at older kids, these fun girls will introduce your kiddos to kickboxing, dance, stretching, crunches and even nutrition. This one is definitely for the older crowd, as it’s more of an actual work-out than a way to simply release energy.

Move to Learn

Kids will refresh their syllables, geography, solar systems, multiplication and more with this fun channel. Kids will get moving while dancing around with the fun students and teachers in this video channel.

Next time the kids are acting like a bunch of animals, simply turn on one of these homeschool PE channels and let them release some energy while saving your sanity!


Be sure to check out these fun games that encourage movement and help release energy. They’re the perfect pick-me-up for bad days.

We are LOVING this list of fun Homeschool PE Channel. My kids beg to do "YouTube PE" now!


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Saturday 10th of March 2018

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Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

Thank you Tiffany for putting together this useful list. We’ve been already watching Cosmic Kids Yoga but there are these other channels that you shared and are very useful. Just subscribed to all of them X


Wednesday 16th of August 2017

Youtube is my favorite unconventional learning tool

Terri Holbrook

Monday 14th of August 2017

We love using youtube videos to help reinforce history and science lessons! We also listen to music on it for composer study. I love being able to just type something in and a plethora of videos come up!

Delores Humphrey

Wednesday 9th of August 2017


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