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5 Ways to Make Your Homeschool More Fun

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Whether you’re new to homeschooling or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s easy to get into a weekly routine and lose the spontaneity that makes homeschooling unique. Studies show that 52% of Americans listed hands-on participation as their favorite learning method. So it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and get creative with new ways to make learning more fun. Here are five easy and engaging ideas to try!

Super easy ideas on how to make your homeschool more fun for EVERYONE!

5 Super Simple Ways to Make Your Homeschool More Fun!


Field trips –

Getting out of the house is a great way to leave a familiar environment and experience something new. There are so many educational science fairs, museums, tv/radio stations, and guest speakers to attend. No matter what age, there’s something valuable for everyone! A helpful tip is to always plan ahead by writing down dates, possible costs, and times of highest traffic to avoid lines or surprises — here’s a great guide. Always check your city’s local event calendar or website for fun upcoming events!

Educational videos –Super easy ideas on how to make your homeschool more fun for EVERYONE!

Sometimes we need a break from the usual classroom structure and a great way to switch it up is by dedicating some time to watching educational videos. This is a perfect way to introduce or go more into depth on a subject. This is also a great option for visual learners. Visual doesn’t always have to mean graphs, charts, maps, and diagrams! Pure Flix offers a variety of educational videos and movies to add to your homeschooling curriculum. Whether you’re looking for a documentary or a science-related show they have an amazing selection of streamable options for all ages. Perfect for any lesson, and your kids will love learning through media!

Crafts –

Get messy and have some fun with your kids. Crafting is a great way to boost problem-solving and mindfulness. Encouraging active creativity, whether it be an art project or getting busy in the kitchen is a great alternative. This will help develop new skills and memories. There are so many great ways to learn with art, and it will keep your kids interested and engaged in the activity. Check out this year of homeschool crafts, and you’ll never run out of ways to incorporate crafts into your day!

Games –

A childhood classic we all love no matter how old. Why not incorporate board games and combine it with learning? There are many great educational board games that have numerous cognitive benefits to improve math, logic, and critical thinking skills. Try out science board games to teach the subject in a new, exciting way! Some great games (that are also fun!) are bananagrams, boggle, scrabble, and sequence. Try one that you haven’t played before and see how it goes!

Rewards –

Rewards are a great idea for a little extra incentive to praise good work. Set goals that your kids can look forward to achieving, and keep track of what they’ve accomplished on a DIY punch card. Keep an award basket filled with stickers, candy, cheap toys, or anything you think your kids might like. When your kids have filled their goal punch card, let them choose a reward from the basket! For older kids, you could always include ideas such as having car privileges or getting to stay out late. These extra incentives can have a positive impact by increasing motivation. Everyone appreciates a little treat!

When planning your upcoming learning schedules, try incorporating some of these fun ideas into your curriculum! It’s easy to fall into a rut, so take the time to change up the routine. When putting your heart and soul towards your kids learning, it’s amazing to see a world’s difference in their learning process and engagement levels!

Super easy ideas on how to make your homeschool more fun for EVERYONE!



BIO: Leah Hastings is the Outreach Coordinator at Pure Flix. She has a strong passion for faith which can be seen in her day to day work. Leah loves helping educate kids, enjoys an iced latte in morning, and likes to go on evening walks with her dog Ralph.