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Free Veteran's Day coloring page

Printable Veteran’s Day Coloring Page

Have you ever stopped to think of the immense sacrifice our service men and women give for our country? I know, some things are super obvious but have you ever tried to put yourself in their shoes (or boots?) Have you taken the time to really think about the day to day life of our soldiers? How hard must it be to go months without knowing where you are, when you will see your kids again or wondering if you will make it out alive?

Usborne Books for Homeschoolers

8 Usborne Books for Homeschoolers: ART, MUSIC & COMPUTER PROGRAMMING

Squeezing the fine arts into your homeschool is never an easy task. If you didn’t take music classes in school, or if you aren’t an art buff, it can be intimidating. Yet, we still want our kids to appreciate and understand the arts. Without signing up for classes, it’s hard to incorporate them into our school day, without feeling overwhelmed. But did you know, our very favorite publisher, Usborne Books and More has several books to help guide you through the scary subjects? That’s right. There are plenty of Usborne books for homeschoolers, on all kinds of subjects.

Banangrams Word Game

BananaGrams Game: Word Fun For All!

I come from a very competitive family.  My siblings are the kind of family you’ll find yelling at the TV during a football game, turning every little challenge into a major competition, and ending our family game nights with an “in yo’ face” attitude.

But it’s all in love, I tell ya. 😉

Game nights with my kiddos look completely different, however. Our game nights usually last late into the night and end in laughter and silliness.

THIS MAKES SENSE! Bullying and homeschooling are both on the rise. Now I get it!

Bullying and Homeschooling

Bullying has become and epidemic in our world today.

With 1 out of every 5 high school students being bullied, it’s no wonder people who are looking for an escape turn to homeschooling.
A growing number of homeschool families report making the switch from public school to homeschool due to the rising problem. But does being homeschooled guarantee you won’t be bullied? Not at all.

"Say Cheese Cafe" is the hottest new way to learn your multiplication facts!

Say Cheese Cafe Board Game Review

Some days, we push too hard. We want the day to go as planned. We want to finish everything on the books. We want to stay on task.

But it just ain’t happenin’.

On those days, I have a backup plan. We can have fun while continuing to learn. My favorite ways to do so are with hands on learning, board games and educational movies.

Over the years, I’ve acquired several educational board games that we’ve all grown to love.

The Queen's Treasures Doll Review

Life on the Prairie: The Queen’s Treasures Doll Review

Earlier this year, my 8 year old was lucky enough to join her grandparents on a road trip through the northern states. The map was drawn and the stops were scheduled but Miss Manners wasn’t content. If she was going to be traveling through Minnesota, she was determined to spend at least one day in Walnut Grove. She aimed to soak up the sun on the “Big Rock” of Plum Creek., just as Laura Ingalls had in her favorite book series.

Ooooh! Love this easy homemade salsa recipe. Cheap, quick and delicious!

5 Minute $5 Easy Homemade Salsa Recipe

There are few foods that my family adores more than a perfectly amazing salsa. With just the right amount of heat, simple preparations and no-fuss ingredients, it’s no wonder salsa has become a staple in so many households.
With only 6 simple ingredients, this salsa recipe can be made quickly and easily. By utilizing a blender in the process, you cut out a large chunk of work and speed up the prep time.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but my taste buds simply cannot handle much heat. Authentic Mexican restaurants tend to fry the taste buds right off of my tongue. The slightest hint of a jalapeno pepper brings tears to my eyes and causes the snot to pour out of my nose.
Ooooh! Love this easy homemade salsa recipe. Cheap, quick and delicious!
Yeah, I know that’s not a pretty picture. But what’s a girl to do when all of her friends try to burn her tongue to smithereens? All I want is a perfect salsa, which rides the fine line between ketchup and toasted taste buds.
Thankfully, I’ve finally found the PERFECT salsa for my tastes. Not too spicy but packed with flavor. And the best part is there are only 6 ingredients, most of which you will probably have on hand!
10 best PG shows to stream on Netflix

5 Classic Family Shows to Stream on Netflix

Raise your hand if you were lucky enough to grow up during a time when you could turn on the TV and not worry about seeing something your little eyes shouldn’t see.
Yeah, me too.

I miss those days.

The days when your mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner and so YOU were in charge of the TV for a bit. You’d flip through the channels (or if you’re a bit older, you actually GOT UP and changed the dial!), searching for just the right show.

And you always found it.

Unfortunately, good quality television shows are becoming less and less. Luckily, we’ve found 5  clean and classic family shows to stream on Netflix ! These shows are perfect for the dog-days of summer, when you’re snowed in or when you’re stuck in bed for the day. With their “old-school” humor, family friendly content and lack of reruns, your family will love all 5 shows, from start to finish!5 classic family shows to stream on Netflix NOW! My kids love these and I love the clean wholesome shows!

WHAT!?! A legit way to spend less than $50/yr on our most expensive curriculum? Teaching Textbooks on a budget? Yes, please!

Teaching Textbooks on a Budget

Whether you’re a homeschool newbie or have been homeschooling for years, chances are you’ve heard about the amazing math program that has homeschool families everywhere singing its praise.

While the popularity of Teaching Textbooks is soaring, it’s no secret that the biggest drawback is the price tag. With each level costing over $100, no matter how great the curriculum is, it’s still out of many families’ budgets.

Most homeschooling families have the added challenge of squeezing enough money from their already tight budget to purchase curriculum for multiple children. Luckily, we’ve found a way to purchase Teaching Textbooks for less than $50/year per child after your first year!

WHAT!?! A legit way to spend less than $50/yr on our most expensive curriculum? Teaching Textbooks on a budget? Yes, please!

So what’s our secret? It’s simple.

OMG! I forgot about most of these shows! You can find me on the couch for the next couple of months, binge-watching! SERIOUSLY!

Top 10 PG Shows to Stream on Netflix

It’s undeniable. They just don’t make TV shows like they used to.

Luckily, Netflix is a game-changer when it comes to watching TV. Now you can stream the very best PG shows on Netflix, right from the comfort of your home! No longer do you need to spend hundreds of dollars on boxed DVD sets, just to enjoy some clean and wholesome fun.

The last 15 years has brought us some of the funniest, most thrilling and jaw-dropping TV shows. We’ve rounded up the Top 10 PG shows to stream on Netflix today.

OMG! I forgot about most of these shows! You can find me on the couch for the next couple of months, binge-watching! SERIOUSLY, the top 10 PG shows to stream on Netflix! Yes, please!
10 fun ideas to celebrate Earth Day!

10 Cheap & Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

In our over-consuming culture, it’s important to teach our kids healthy habits, in order to preserve our earth for our future generations.  What better time to discuss this than while we celebrate Earth Day?

Our kids learn by our example. Unfortunately, today’s children are an “on-demand” generation. They will never know what life was like before being able to simply text a friend and get an immediate response. They’ll never know the anticipation of waiting for a handwritten letter to make it’s way to your mailbox.  They’ll never experience the joy of having an entire meal that was grown on their own land.

As parents, it’s our job to teach our kids what we can do to help save the earth. Whether it’s big or small, there is always room for improvement. We all know we need to REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE but by breaking it down into small habits, we can help our kids understand their impact on our world.

We rounded up 10 simple, yet effective ways to celebrate Earth Day with your kids!

10 of the best ideas to celebrate earth day without spending a lot of money! (HINT: Get your hands dirty!)

10 Simple Ways to Make Your Homeschool Husband Feel Like a KING!

You’re exhausted.

You still have a stack of laundry waiting to be folded. You still have baths to give and mouths to feed. You still need to get tomorrow’s schoolwork ready. You still need to shower yourself. You still need to spend a few minutes with your homeschool husband.

Take a deep breath and listen to me, mama. Move your “few minutes with the husband” to the top of your list.  The half-emptied dishwasher can wait. The pile of dirty laundry can wait. The sink full of pots and pans can wait. But do you know what cannot wait? Your marriage.

So often, homeschooling moms put everything before them. The kids, school, karate lessons, dentist appointments, cooking, cleaning, volunteer work, visiting Grandma, bringing a dish to the church potluck.  The list could go on forever. But usually right on top of “myself” at the very bottom of the long list, is the homeschool husband.

Of course, we never intend to place our homeschool husbands on the bottom of our list.  On that memorable day, years ago that I stood in my white dress, promising to love this handsome young man for eternity, I never dreamed there would be a day that he would walk in the door from work and I wouldn’t jump to greet him with a kiss. I never foresaw the mere “hey” I would mumble as I went about chopping veggies for our dinner, while our toddler passionately rams me in the shins with his Tonka Truck. Never did I think my homeschool husband would be one of my last priorities, but sadly, he sometimes is.

Great list of free homeschool e-books! Perfect to add to your collection of educational must-haves for the Kindle.

Free Homeschool E-Books for Amazon Kindle

Free Homeschool E-Books For Amazon Kindle

It’s no secret that Amazon Kindles are a gold mine for homeschool resources. It just seems like when I’m actually looking for a topic we’re studying, I find nothing for free.

So when I stumbled upon an e-book called “Let’s Explore Italy: Most Famous Attractions in Italy,” I got excited. After a few clicks, I found myself on the author’s Amazon storefront, Baby Professor. 30 minutes later, I had downloaded over 40 e-books for FREE!

40+ FREE E-Books to add to your Kindle TODAY!

Box of Homeschool Blessings (Round 2!)


You may remember last summer when I wrote this post about what homeschoolers REALLY want. Shortly after, I posted about  a box of  treasures that my brother and sister-in-law surprised the kids with. The next week, we received another box of homeschool tools, this time from my mother-in-law.

(Shame on me for just now sharing!)


A gift-free Chrsitmas? Now THIS IS worth sharing! We are TOTALLY doing it this year. I would've never thought of these ideas!

10 Easy Ways to Turn a Gift-Free Christmas into the BEST. DAY. EVER.

A gift-free Christmas? Just what kind of parent am I?

As I mentioned in this post, we decided to have a complete Christmas overhaul this year, in order to focus on contentment. We didn’t have any presents under the tree and only a few small items in our stockings.

And can I just take a sec to tell you how amazingly peaceful our gift-free Christmas day was? It was seriously a mama’s dream.