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Hands-On History Timeline for Homeschoolers

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Do you ever find a curriculum and you just want to climb to the highest mountain and profess your love for it, for the rest of the world to hear? That’s exactly how I felt when I first laid eyes on Home School in the Woods’ hands-on history timeline.  How could it be exactly what I dreamed of and still be in our tiny budget? It seemed too good to be true.

For the last few years, we’ve taken an unschooling approach to both history and science. We used all kinds of resources, from living books to history-inspired movies. It worked great. Until it didn’t anymore.

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If you're looking for a hands-on history timeline that allows you to flexiblity and encourages learning, you can't miss Home School in the Woods!

When Bear was old enough to start school, I knew we needed a different approach. My older kids can do just fine with student-led learning but all he wanted to do was play X-Box and talk about his games. So, I knew I would need something more for him.

In my mind, I dreamed of a hands-on, child-led curriculum It wasn’t too structured and still allowed us to follow our interests. I guess what I was looking for was a guide or more like a spine. It would give us a starting point but allow us to branch out and learn in ways we wanted to.

I didn’t want something that just checked the boxes. Essentially, I wanted to feel inspired again. 

We love unschooling and digging deeper into topics that interest us but we will never know we’re interested if we are unaware of the topic. That’s why it’s so important that we have a guide to help ensure we don’t miss out on anything important.

Why We Love Creating a Timeline

The problem with unschooling history is that you tend to bounce around a lot, depending on your kiddos’ interests. Without a visual to show you exactly when your event happened in history, it’s hard to understand.

When kids have a visual representation, it’s easier for them to realize which things happened around the same time, all over the world. For instance, kids may have a hard time understanding that Charles Darwin was alive during the Battle of Trafalgar.

Seeing each person and event placed on their designated area of time really helps bring history to life for kids.

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Ways to Use Home School in the Woods’ Hands-On History Timeline

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know I run things on a pretty tight budget. While I wish I had a pocket full of money, the hard truth is that I don’t and probably never will.

So when I’m looking for a homeschool curriculum, I want to invest in one that will get me the most bang for my buck.

And with Home School in the Woods’ Timeline Trio, I am happy to “splurge” because I’m getting more than I could have ever asked! I’m getting a dream-come-true curriculum that I can use for the rest of our homeschool days! I will never have to buy another history curriculum again, even if I am homeschooling my great-great-grandkids. (That’s not an offer, okay, future great grandkids! 😛 )

Besides the traditional way of using a timeline, you can get creative when using Home School in the Woods’ timelines. Because you have access to over 1,200 timeline figures, you can basically create your own unit study.

Pick and choose what you want to study next:

  • Biblical figures
  • World Wars
  • Famous Artists & Musicians
  • US Presidents
  • Explorers

Just print off the timeline figures you’ll need and grab your favorite resources! Study one figure each day until you’ve made it through all of them! Ta-da! Bringing history to life while studying what YOU’RE interested in!

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Resources We Use to Create our Timeline

Home School in the Woods provides all the timeline figures we could possibly need. But it’s up to us to dive in and learn about them! 

Our Favorite History Books:

100 Things to Know About History

Encyclopedia World History

If you're looking for a hands-on history timeline that allows you to flexiblity and encourages learning, you can't miss Home School in the Woods!

History of the World in 100 Pictures

History Uncovered: The USA

Timelines of World History

Medieval World

Now & Then

Time Traveler

World Wars

Educational History Activities:

Clothes & Fashion to Color

Vintage Fashion Coloring Book

History-Inspired Board Games

Alexa (Just ask her about your timeline figure of the day and she’ll give you a quick overview! This is one of our favorite homeschool helpers!)

Historical Movies & Shows:

Educational Shows on Netflix

World War II Movies & Series

Educational Shows on Amazon Prime

Homeschooling with Curiosity Stream

Educational Shows on Hulu

Learning with Disney Plus

The Best Educational YouTube Channels

If you’re looking for a hands-on history timeline that allows your family flexibility and doesn’t strain the budget, you can’t afford to miss Home School in the Wood’s Timeline Trio! It’s the ultimate history curriculum to help guide self-led learners on their adventures!



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If you're looking for a hands-on history timeline that allows you to flexiblity and encourages learning, you can't miss Home School in the Woods!