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4 Globber Scooters That Will Make Your Kids Play Non-Stop

In the market for new Globber scooters but unsure which one to buy?

For at-home moms and dads, it can be quite difficult to clean the house when the little ones are around. Every time you clean something, for sure you’ll see a pile of mess somewhere right after. That’s why sometimes, you just want your kids to go outside and play with their friends so you can focus on your house duties.

Well, if you need something to make your kids play outside, look no further than a scooter. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Scooters, especially the ones from Globber, will certainly make your kids get excited with their outside playtime again. They can play with it on your lawn, or scoot around the neighbourhood with their friends, while you’re at home smashing through the duties without the distractions.

In the market for new globber scooters? Check out these awesome options!

4 Globber Scooters that Your Kids Will Love

If you’re convinced that you need to buy Globber scooters for your kids, below are some of the best ones that are worth checking out.

1. Best scooter for beginners: Primo

If your kid doesn’t have any experience with scooters yet, Primo scooter is Globber’s best beginner wheelies.

What parents like you worry about the most is whether your first-timer kids can maintain their balance or not. Because if not, your kid might end up crashing.

Good thing Primo has a patented locking system that allows your kid to scoot around without losing balance. Your kid just need to push a button that activates the locking system. Once locked, your kid can only move forward and backward, and therefore not losing balance.

With another push of a button, the locking system is disengaged and your kids can steer back to normal mode.

2. Best folding scooter: Elite

What Globber Elite scooter offers is convenience, aside from the great riding experience that your kid will surely enjoy, of course.

This scooter also has the patented locking system that Primo has. But more than that, it has a patented folding system. This feature allows your kids to carry the scooter anywhere.

With just a push of a button, the scooter transforms into a trolley!

3. Best 3-wheel scooter: Ultimum

Three-wheel scooters are one of the best versions of the regular scooters, at least for kids. But sometimes, for adults, too! The Ultimum features an advanced steering angle control system to give the rider the freedom of adjusting his or her steering preference!

These scooters are perfect for kids that are a little more experienced. The best thing about it is that when your kid grows up, he or she can still use it! It can support up to 100 kg and the T-bar is adjustable to match your kid’s height.

4. Best 2-wheel scooter: Flow Foldable 125

Most kids transition from three-wheels to two-wheels when they grow up. Because it’s way cooler. Speaking of cool, check out the Flow Foldable 125! It’s the best one in the game right now.

The Flow Foldable 125 features an advanced T-bar that can be adjusted up to four height levels. Perfect for kids who still want to use scooters up to their teenage years.

As the name suggests, it’s also foldable so that it’s easy to store. It also has a self-standing mode so your kids can simply stop for a break without having to lay their scooter on the ground.

Active Kids LOVE Globber Scooters!

These are only some of the best scooters in the market right now. If you want your kids to be active even more and make new friends in the neighbourhood, getting them a scooter is the best way to go.

Your kids can also use a scooter when going to school! Especially if the school is just nearby and not many cars are driving around

In the market for new globber scooters? Check out these awesome options!