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Get Kids to Help with Chores

Realistically speaking, chores may not be fun and exciting but they’re extremely necessary. They can keep your home from looking uninviting and boring plus getting them done on a regular basis can reduce the instances wherein you have to do deep cleaning of your home.  Trying to get kids to help with chores can feel impossible.

It's easy to get kids to help with chores! You just need to know these tricks. #4 helped me the most!

Thus, if you’re looking on how to accomplish the important household chores, below are the tips you can consider from the get-go:

Get Kids to Help with Chores

Break The Chores Into Chunks

Whether you believe it or not, doing all the household chores at a single time may not be possible. Given the limited time you have each day, it’s difficult to do these things without breaking them into chunks. This means you should make a list of the tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. 

By doing this, you can pay attention to what should be accomplished at a certain period of time without compromising the quality of your work. 

Assign Tasks

Typically, a household chore is considered a routine task which means you have to get it done on a regular basis. If you’re already busy, it can be a good idea if you assign tasks to your family members. This can make sure that nothing will be overlooked from beginning to end. 

Moreover, assigning jobs to each family member can be more efficient and time-saving. This is especially true if the whole family is also dealing with an upcoming relocation. In order to keep up with the routine chores a few weeks before the scheduled move-in date, be sure to get them assigned so you can focus on searching through moving companies NYC or wherever you may be, to find the right help for your moving needs. 

Set Time Limit 

It’s easy to procrastinate when you’re doing some household chores, especially if you think you have a lot of time to get them done. However, the truth of matter is that procrastination doesn’t allow you to accomplish anything. This is where setting a time limit takes place. 

Think about how long each chore will take to complete. Perhaps, playing the music playlist can help you set a timer for the time it takes to accomplish each chore. If you have many things to do, pick some longer songs so you’ll have enough time to finish each task to the best of your ability. 

It's easy to get kids to help with chores! You just need to know these tricks. #4 helped me the most!

Use Fun And Entertainment As A Motivation

In addition to setting lime limits, you can also get chores done efficiently by using fun and entertainment as a motivation. For example, if you’re watching your favorite TV show for a specific period of time, you can begin doing the chores a few minutes before the show airs on tv. By doing this, you’ll have the motivation to tackle the chores beforehand, thereby increasing your chance of catching your show. One way to up their motivation is by letting them create their own chore chart. With each chore done, they will get a customized ribbon award posted on their chart. They can collect the ribbons and exchange them for an awesome reward at the end of the year. This is personally my favorite way to get kids to help with chores!


Sometimes, due to your busy schedule at work and other personal needs, you’ll run out of time in doing your daily household chores. For that reason, it’s best if you learn how to prioritize so you can get the most important tasks done. Besides, the leftover items you miss during the other day will become the priority the next time. 

Remove Clutter

You can get more chores done if you know how to eliminate clutter in your home. By decluttering, you can get rid of all the things that you no longer need and use, making the process of cleaning much easier and faster. 

Remember, the less items you deal with, the less you have to clean which can help you accomplish tasks on time and with efficiency. This is also an important tip when you have plans to relocate to a new home. For instance, while you remove the clutter in your place, you can get  moving services long distance from professionals to handle the logistics for you. That way, you can focus on your usual chores while staying organized for the move. 

Clean As You

By cleaning each mess as you go, you can be able to get household chores done quickly and conveniently. The more you have a good cleaning habit, the less mess will pile up, making chores easy to accomplish. For instance, if you make dinner for the family, be sure to wash the dishes right after you cook to avoid piles up of unwashed kitchenware. Moreover, if you notice something that doesn’t belong to a certain room, get them to put to their proper places. 

Indeed, nobody really enjoys doing household duties but it’s not impossible to get kids to help with chores. Using these tips, you’ll be able to clean more quickly and efficiently. Once you’ve completed the work, you can reward yourself with a treat for a job well done. 

It's easy to get kids to help with chores! You just need to know these tricks. #4 helped me the most!