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Furry Teachers: Life Lessons in Responsibility through Dog Ownership

If you have been wanting to teach your kids to become responsible, the best thing to do would be to get a dog. Yes, a dog. Why a dog, you ask? Well, because dogs are more than just our furry friends; they are our teachers, too. Not only do they love us unconditionally; they also teach us significant lessons in responsibility. 

It’s not about choosing a specific breed, although there are dogs that are great with children; it’s about giving your child a new friend. It’s about giving your child a chance to learn and grow as they enjoy the company of their loyal companion.

Dog Ownership Responsibilities

Bringing home a dog and committing to take care of them takes a lot of responsibility. Dogs depend on us for a lot of things – their food, health, shelter, safety and comfort, and other basic needs. This new responsibility comes naturally for some, but for others, it can entail several lifestyle changes.  

Owning a dog means devoting time and resources to the following responsibilities such as:


Dogs have their own nutritional needs, and the only way they can get these is when we feed them regularly. As their human companions, we are responsible for providing them with the right food every day and on time. It is vital to know the following:

  • The right portions (of dog food)
  • The dogs’ allergies 
  • Which food is good for dogs
  • Which food should not be fed to dogs

One of the major responsibilities of a dog owner is to ensure that their dog is regularly vaccinated. These vaccinations are often done monthly and annually (depending on the type of vaccine). Scheduled visits to the veterinarian are the best way to ensure that your dog is in the best of health. 

It is also important that dogs are given enough vitamins. All Things Dogs recommends integrating supplements into their diets to help improve their coat quality, immune system, and general health and well-being.  

Additionally, it is our responsibility to pay close attention to our dogs and observe if there are physical, behavioral, and mental changes, as these can indicate an illness or a precursor to a canine health issue. 


Our dogs need to be bathed and groomed as often as possible, especially in the summer. Like us humans, our furry companions also need regular dental care, to get their nails trimmed, and have their furs brushed.

There are specific products intended for bathing and grooming dogs, and it is every dog owner’s responsibility to know what these are. It is also important to determine which of these products are suitable for your dog to avoid allergic reactions.


How often do you take your dog out for a walk? Do you go to the park on weekends or go around the neighborhood once a day? Walking is not just a fun activity for dogs; it is also a good form of exercise. And, yes, it is the dog owner’s responsibility to ensure this is done as regularly as possible (every day, if you can!).

Training Dog Owners and Kids to Become Responsible

All these things that we do for our furry friends are learning opportunities that, more often than not, are treated as typical activities. It is only when we start to discover how much we have changed and how much we have become better that we realize how our dogs have been teaching us important life lessons.

Aside from unconsciously training us to be responsible, our dogs also help us understand and value commitment, trust, patience, and communication.


So, if you want to teach your kids to become responsible at an early age, get a dog. They won’t just be learning; they will also be having fun with their dog. After all, dogs are not only our best friends; they are also our furry teachers!