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Fun Spanish Lessons for Kids

There are a lot of things I wish I could teach my kiddos but I simply don’t have the knowledge to do it. That’s when I turn to the internet and look for a little bit of help in making sure I’ve equipped my kiddos with skills they need in the future. When it comes to learning a foreign language, I’m pretty helpless. But armed with interactive and fun Spanish lessons, even my kids can learn to speak Spanish fluently!

Using these fun Spanish lessons has made all the difference. My kids actually look forward to Spanish now!

4 Reasons You Need Fun Spanish Lessons in Your Homeschool

It’s Easy Now:

The truth is, the sooner you start offering engaging and fun Spanish lessons in your homeschool, the easier it’ll be for your students to soak up the information. Young kids are sponges when it comes to language. Just like it’s important to screen and edit the words your child hears at a young age, it’s equally important to introduce new words into their vocabulary.

Fun games and silly songs are much more appealing while kids are young and it’s important to build a solid foundation when they’re still growing their vocabulary. 

Opportunities Open Up:

There are a lot of benefits to learning to speak Spanish fluently as a child but the benefits grow significantly when your child is an adult. The job market broadens. Salaries increase dramatically. Promotions practically land in your lap! The perks of being a hard-working adult who is proficient in more than one language is par to none.

Grow an Appreciation for Culture:

It’s hard to teach children a real appreciation of other cultures, especially when we aren’t surrounded by the cultures. Each year, we host a Cinco de Mayo party in our homeschool and I try my hardest to teach my kiddos as much as possible about the Mexican culture. However, as someone who has never been immersed in the culture, the best I can offer is what I read in books and see on TV. 

Learning to speak Spanish gives kids a  new appreciation for the Spanish culture. Knowing exactly how and why they celebrate the things the way they do is a great way to open your kiddo’s eyes to the big world that lies outside of our own lives, especially when we see how many immigrants ‘americanize’ themselves.

Improves Mental Development:

Learning a second language greatly improves a child’s ability to solve complex problems, boosts creativity and improves cognitive development. The younger your kids start taking engaging and fun Spanish lessons, the easier it is for them to process and learn in other areas, as well. 

There’s only one way to improve your child’s Spanish vocabulary: speaking more Spanish.

Using these fun Spanish lessons has made all the difference. My kids actually look forward to Spanish now!

All About Sing and Speak Spanish

Sing and Speak Spanish is an interactive way for kids to learn to speak Spanish fluently.

See how their program works

  • A 7 level Spanish curriculum for kids that’s designed for students in grades k-8.
  • Fun Spanish lessons are taught using puppets, songs and games, which makes it easier for kids to learn to speak Spanish fluently.
  • Lessons are taught by 40 full-time teachers, who are highly trained and native Spanish speakers
  • Students have the option to engage in a mature vocabulary building curriculum and/or work on practical conversations, which is much more important than just knowing random words.
  • Memorable lessons are engaging and fun for all ages.
  • Classes are offered via Zoom so you can take online Spanish lessons from the comfort of your homes.  (Sing and Speak Spanish does offer on-site Spanish lessons in San Diego too!)
  • Student Spanish materials (workbooks and music help reinforce what students learn.

 A Team That Gets Kids to Speak Spanish

These fun Spanish lessons really helped my kids love the Spanish culture, all while learning to converse in a new language!

Sing and Speak Spanish offers 3 Ways to Learn:

Live Online Spanish Lessons:

You can enroll in annual group classes to complete a full Level of Spanish.  Or you can enroll in private lessons to work at your own pace and focus on practical conversations.  They authored a guide: ‘The 50 most common conversations a kid might have in Spanish’.  Your child like soccer?  Then have them learn the Spanish conversation needed on the soccer field!

If your goal is fluency, I’ve heard that the mixed package of group class and private conversation lessons is the surefire way at producing fluency. It will be a skill that will benefit your kids for the rest of their lives. 

Pod Spanish Lessons:

If you’re looking for fun Spanish lessons for your co-op or a small group of friends, this is the best bet for you! You can gather your friends once a week for an hour and learn Spanish online using games, songs and silly puppets. Kids love this option because they get to learn alongside their friends.

The average group only has 6 kids, so this is a great way to take fun Spanish lessons while you’re on a budget! Classes are offered via Zoom, so you can do them right from the comfort of your own home. 

Spanish Curriculum for Homeschoolers:

As homeschoolers, we’re often looking for the highest quality curriculum that we can squeeze into our budget. Sing and Speak Spanish offers a great kit that allows homeschoolers to teach their program at their own pace. This is great for those of us who like to dive into one subject head-first and immerse our whole studies around that topic. Imagine a whole year of learning about Spanish-speaking countries, eating Spanish-inspired foods, sewing brightly colored dresses and learning about native animals. All of this would create a well-rounded homeschool experience and provide the perfect opportunity to learn to speak Spanish!

Sing and Speak Spanish offers all of their high-quality materials in one easy kit! All you need to do is teach the lessons provided using the curriculum provided.

The Teacher Kit includes:

  • Teacher Manuals
  • Teaching Aids
  • Student Workbooks
  • Music CDs and Songbooks
  • Numbered Magnetic Pockets

If you’re looking for interactive and fun Spanish lessons for your kiddos, you can’t miss Sing and Speak Spanish! It’s a high-quality program that takes the dirty work out of teaching foreign languages for you!

Using these fun Spanish lessons has made all the difference. My kids actually look forward to Spanish now!