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FREE Printable Homeschool Daily Notebook

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I’m sure you’ve all heard about printable homeschool daily notebook craze by now. They are the greatest thing to land in the homeschool world since Teaching Textbooks! 😉 What better way to include calendar time, weather, counting and more in your homeschool routine?
I typically spend a few hours every summer scouring the internet, looking for the best free notebook pages to include in our notebooks. However, this year, I decided to create my own and offer it to my favorite readers!
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Easy peasy, baby!

First things first:

Laminate It:

I chose to laminate my pages but in years past, I’ve simply stuck them in protective pages. Either way works great!


Write It:

My kids use dry erase markers to write on our notebooks and when I check them, I wipe them clean.  In an instant, they’re ready for the next day.  Just a word of warning, though: Some days, you’ll want to snap a photo of their prayer lists, drawings or other more personal pages. You don’t want to forget some of the silly or sweet things they’ll write in this book!

Use It:

You may not want to use every page included in the download and that’s perfectly fine! The awesome part about printable daily notebooks is that you can customize them to your child’s needs! Simply print the pages you need right now and save the rest for later. You can also arrange the pages however you wish! Some pages go together better but do what works for you.

Holy smokes! This daily printable homeschool notebook is FREE and I just paid WAY too much for a similar one. I LOVE the sign language and continents in here. So cool!

Okay, let’s jump in!

Here’s everything you need to know about the printable homeschool daily notebook.

Some of the pages are self-explanatory, so I’ll just touch on them briefly.


UPDATE: The Daily Printable Notebook has been updated! Both are still available to download, so take your choice!

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FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

Name & Personal Info:

Teach younger kiddos their name, address, phone number and who to contact in case of an emergency.

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What Day Is Today?:

Write what day of the week it is, circle the correct day and answer the questions.

 FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

Today’s Number:

Today is June 4th, so today’s number would be 4. Complete the more than, less than and equal to math problems using the number of the day. In the boxes, create your own math problems using the number of the day. You can choose how you want to do this based on what works best for your kids. Right now, my 2nd grader can create any math problem with today’s number as the answer. She uses addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

Got the Time?:

Write the current time and draw the correct time on the clock. Be sure to circle AM or PM. Answer the questions in the box. (30 minutes is a hard question for some, so you might have to help them with that!)

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

What is Today?:

Another page to reinforce days of the week. Simply write the day of the week. Then circle the day, month, date and year, followed by writing the entire date. Tell whether the date is an even or odd number.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

100 Days:

Using tally marks, keep track of how many days you’ve had school this year. We’re is summer mode, so there aren’t many marks, but it will fill up fast. We use each box as a month and we started this notebook in May, which is why we started in a weird spot.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

Sign Your Name:

This is one page that we couldn’t find in any other printable daily notebook but knew we wanted it! The sign language guide is perfect for learning to sign the alphabet. Start with your name. Once your child has mastered that, he can start signing his spelling words, too! If you need to, circle the letters in their name.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

My Prayer List:

It’s always a good idea for kids to be thinking of others and having a grateful heart. This page does just that! Keep a list of prayer requests and a list of blessings.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

My Sight Words:

This is the perfect place to keep a list of words you want your child to know by sight. You can either have them add their own words from other curriculum or you can write their list of sight words in one column and have them copy them to the next column.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

Today I Feel:

This is Miss Manners’ favorite page. She loves thinking about how she feels and drawing it out. Some days she feels like a princess, other days she feels like a sloth. (I think she must be the comedian in the family!) Today, she was simply “tired” due to an early morning fishing trip with grandpa.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

10 Words:

I first saw this idea in the DIY Homeschool Journals and absolutely loved it. Your child will look through a book and find 10 words with X amount of letters. We tend to stay between 4 and 8 but the number of letters is up to you. Once they’ve gotten fairly good at this, you can allow them to simply write words with X amount of numbers, instead of searching for them in a book.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

I Want To Learn About:

Kids WANT to learn. It’s a natural drive that they are born with. No one tells them to walk, talk or explore. They simply do it. We sometimes forget that kids want to learn. It’s important to find out what they want to learn more about. Whether it be animals, how to build a house or baseball, your child genuinely wants to learn about something. This page makes it easier to find out what that something is.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

I Love:

Allow kids to doodle, write or draw some things they love. Encourage them to write facts or why they love this topic. As simple as this page is, they’ll likely enjoy it the very most!

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

The Pledge of Allegiance:

It’s very important to me that my kids be able to recite and understand the Pledge of Allegiance. This page allows them to memorize it by copying. I encourage my kids to use this as a chance to practice their cursive writing.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

USA Map:

This simple map is a great way to learn about where you live. The instructions say to color the state you live in and place a star on the capital. If you’ve studied the US, pick a new state everyday and let them locate it. It’s great practice for those who have already studied the US. Switch it up by having them color all of your state’s neighbors or the largest state.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

World Map:

Label the 7 continents and the 4 oceans. This is still pretty new territory to my 2nd grader but she has enjoyed it so far and is already asking questions about different continents. Put a spin on this page by saying things like “Which continent do you think has the most kangaroos?”

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Spanish Numbers:

Connect the number with the correct Spanish word. This is great for younger children who are leaning the foundations of Spanish.

I've gotta check out this a wesome set of printables for your homeschool daily notebook or journal! Get it FREE for a limited time!

Spanish Colors:

Draw a line from the English color word to the Spanish color word. This, too, is great for younger kids who  are just beginning Spanish lessons.

FREE Printable homeschool daily notebook pages!

Let’s Eat!:

Kids love helping in the kitchen. Allow them to plan the menu, whether real or one they make up. Draw a picture of what you wish to have for dinner, snacks, breakfast or lunch then fill in the squares. We keep this page towards the end of our book so there’s something fun to look forward to!

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Monthly Calendars:

We use these calendars to track the weather by simply drawing the day’s forecast but you can use them however you want! Feel free to add your own personal spin on these pages! We’ve included all 12 months so you can add holidays, family birthdays or anything else you wish.

So that’s it, folks! Over 30 printable pages to help reinforce important skills. This notebook can be used everyday or just when you need the kids to work on their own for a few minutes.

Don’t forget, they’re available only to my newsletter subscribers so sign up today!

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