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The Best Free Math Games for Kids

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Some days, you just want to put the books away and enjoy a more relaxed approach to learning. No complaining. No whining. No hissy fits. Just you and your kid, genuinely enjoying learning together. With these free math games for kids, it’s simple to make math more enjoyable for the whole family!

This post is sponsored by Beast Academy. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time.
All opinions are my own, and I would never recommend a product or service I don’t fully support.
These free math games for kids are JUST what we needed in our homeschool!

Free Math Games for Kids

The thing I despise most about hands-on learning is the fact that you need so many manipulatives. I don’t have lots of extra space to store these items that we only use once or twice a year. That’s why I love when I find a way that the kids can learn, have fun AND use things we already have around the house.

Beast Academy is a website dedicated to helping your kid enjoy math, once again. They make a boring and mundane subject fun with hands-on games and exciting activities.

We’ve found some of our favorite math games on this site but there are so many, you just have to check them all out for yourself!

These free math games for kids are JUST what we needed in our homeschool!

Our Favorite Games From Beast Academy

Tens Go Fish:

Using just a simple deck of cards, you try to get pairs of cards that add up to 10. Of course, you could do this with other numbers, but it’s extremely important to have a strong grasp on the tens.

I love that this only requires a standard deck of cards and about 30 seconds of prep work to remove the face cards and 10 from the deck. It’s a quick and easy game to play and you can get the whole familiy in on the fun.


We played Trashketball so much when Bear was learning to skip count. He was in a “Michael Jordan” phase and was loving all things basketball. I loved that I can adjust the rules of the game to fit nearly anything we’re learning in math.

We’ve also played multiplication Trashketball with Emersyn. It’s a great way to reinforce math facts. We would both shoot, while saying a number out loud. The first person to multiply our two numbers together got a point. If that person had also made a basket, they got a bonus point.

Suck a fun game and it can grow with your child!

Odds Vs. Evens:

This is probably my favorite game that we’ve found on Beast Academy Playground because it’s so simple! I love that we can play it in the car, while waiting at a restaurant or during school. You can play as long or as short of a game as you want and it requires nothing at all!

Well, besides your fingers, but I’m assuming you always have those handy. (Yes, that was a good pun, wasn’t it!)

There are tons of other free math games for kids at Beast Academy Playground and they’re constantly adding more.

I love that the whole family can join in and have some fun while introducing young minds to big math.
Check out Beast Academy Playground here and find some fun ways to make math more exciting in your homeschool!

These free math games for kids are JUST what we needed in our homeschool!