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Pathways 2.0: Flexible Language Arts & Reading

We all know that kids learn in very different ways. My oldest prefers to quickly read through the text while my middle thrives on hands-on learning. But I’ve found it’s hard to teach language arts in a hands-on approach. So instead of making her struggle through her books, I set out to find a way to make her actually enjoy her language arts and reading time.

Once I found Pathways thematic approach, I knew I’d found the answer to our problems. Before I even received the curriculum, I knew she’d love diving deeper into one specific topic.  And I was right.

I received this curriculum for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own and a positive review was not guaranteed.

Kendall Hunt's Pathway's 2.0 offers flexible language arts and reading using a hands-on approach! Make learning fun with activities and gorgeous books! #kendallhuntpublishing #pathways #homeschoolers

Kendall Hunt Publishing

Kendall Hunt Publishing is one of my very favorite curriculum companies because they offer high quality and engaging products that even those on a budget can afford. They offer a variety of topics that I just can’t wait to work through. To start with, we tried out the Pathways 2.0 “My World” daily lesson guide. I knew it would be right up my geography-crazy daughter’s alley.

The grade 6 Daily Lesson Guide comes with everything you need: The Teacher’s Daily Lesson Guide and the accompanying literature, “If You Lived Here.” The Teacher’s Daily Lesson Guide is an all-in-one book that contains everything that both the teacher and student will need. I absolutely love this feature because it allows me to make copies of the pages my student needs, without all the unnecessary pages. I took about 20 minutes when I first received the product and copied all the pages I needed for the entire unit. It was quick and easy and I loved that I was in control.

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What You Need to Know about Pathways 2.0:

It’s easy to use:

One of the key reasons I love Kendall Hunt Publishing is that they keep the “real” homeschoolers in mind. They know we get off track, fall behind or even get ahead of our schedule. They’ve made it easy to catch up, without feeling overwhelmed. The open-and-go format is easy enough for new homeschoolers but detailed enough for those who have been homeschooling for a few years.

It’s religious:

While it is a religious-based company, I don’t find it to be an overwhelming amount of religion. You know how some companies make you feel like you’re preaching a sermon everyday? This is definitely not like that! It’s subtle enough that the kids still enjoy it, without feeling like you’re preaching at them.

It’s affordable:

At $40 for the whole curriculum, it’s hard to beat! It covers reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, writing and language arts, so it’s definitely a steal of a deal. Not to mention, you can use it with your other kids for just the cost of the copies you make! (At our library, it would be less than $5 to copy all the necessary pages!)

It’s built around great literature:

Do you ever stumble upon a book and wish there was MORE to it? That’s exactly what Kendall Hunt Publishing has done! They take super-amazing books that are jam-packed full of information and build on it. They pull vocab and spelling words from it and create activities that make it more hands-on.  While working on reading and spelling, my daughter also learned all about the places others live. The relaxed and in-depth approach allowed her to soak up the information.

If you’re looking for an affordable and relaxed approach to language arts, don’t miss Pathways 2.0 by Kendall Hunt Publishing!

Kendall Hunt's Pathway's 2.0 offers flexible language arts and reading using a hands-on approach! Make learning fun with activities and gorgeous books! #kendallhuntpublishing #pathways #homeschoolers

We LOVE Pathways Language Arts!