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Flag Crafts & Activities for Kids

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Flag Day, Veterans Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, September 11th…the list could go on!

With so many holidays celebrating Old Glory, it’s always the perfect time to dive in and learn all about our American flag!

We’ve rounded up 10 spectacular ways to educate our kids about the importance of the American flag.

Easy Flag Crafts & Activities for kids that'll knock your socks off!
Flag Crafts & Activities for Kids

Learn the History of our Flag: 

Everyone knows that Betsy Ross created our first American flag but just how true is that? Many historians say that there is very little evidence stating Ms. Ross created our first flag.  What other historical “facts” can you dig up?

Easy Flag Crafts & Activities for kids that'll knock your socks off!Handprint Art:

Create a flag using your child’s hand. Simply paint their fingers with red and white paint, alternating colors as you go. Add navy blue to their palm and press firmly to paper. Once your flag base has dried, you can add fingerprint stars, using white paint or allow them to draw stars.

Learn Flag Etiquette:

Most people know that a flag should never touch the ground but what other rules do you know about the flag? Did you know that it is bad etiquette to print, embroider or otherwise impress the flag on items that will eventually be discarded. (This includes napkins, boxes, handkerchiefs, etc.) The American flag should be the first raised and the last lowered. It should be flown only between dawn and dusk but if you must fly it at night, it should be spotlighted. The flag should be quickly raised and slowly lowered and it should always be at the top of the pole, above other flags. No other flag should be larger than the American Flag, although it is acceptable to be the same size. See what other rules your kids can find about the proper usage of our flag.

Learn to Sew:

Can you imagine sewing all of those tiny stars onto the first flag, only to have to redesign it again only a few short years later? Hand-stitching is almost a lost art that your kids will love learning. Practice the basics with larger pieces of scrap fabric then allow your kids to design and hand stitch the design of their choice.

Learn to Fold a Flag:

Teach your children how the military folds the American flag. USFlag.org has put together a very thorough tutorial on how to do this, as well as what each fold symbolizes. Allow your kids to fold the flag, being extra careful not to let the flag touch the ground.

Easy Flag Crafts & Activities for kids that'll knock your socks off!Eat like a Patriot:

Enjoy snacks, desserts or foods made with red, white and blue ingredients. Simple snacks include strawberries dipped in white chocolate, the ever-popular flag cake or red, white and blue Jell-O. Foodie Crush has put together an amazing list of 50 patriotic foods to tickle your taste buds. Our personal favorite is the Berry Trifle.

Make a Flag Puzzle:

Using craft sticks, create your own flag. Paint 7 red and 6 white sticks. Add dark blue and stars where needed. Attatch each stick to a small magnet using hot glue. Mix them up to  create a flag puzzle for little ones to solve.

Thank a Veteran:

No one knows the cost of freedom quite like a veteran. Be sure to thank the veterans in your life. Set an example for your kids by thanking people you meet who are Veterans. If possible, buy their lunch, carry their groceries or do another small deed to help them out. Your kids will see this and follow suite.

Practice the Pledge of Allegiance:

Many kids lack a very important skill: they can’t recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Make sure your kids know the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as its meaning. Want your kiddos to practice writing the Pledge? Use our free printables included in our daily notebook download.

Design A Flag:

Did you know our flag’s colors were chosen specifically for what they represent? Red is said to represent hardiness and valor, while blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. White represents purity and innocence.  Have your child pretend they are in charge of designing the first flag for the United States of America.  Allow them to choose the colors, incorporate important elements (like the 13 colonies or 50 states) into the flag. Compare your flags differences and similarities with the American flag.


With so many fun ways to celebrate, take some time to learn all about Old Glory with your kids!


Easy Flag Crafts & Activities for kids that'll knock your socks off!