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Field Trip: Right Choices Corn Maze

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I am so excited about fall! We had an awesome summer but I am ready for things to slow down so I can enjoy all the sights and smells of fall.


We are lucky enough to have several great corn mazes and pumpkin patches near us.  Our favorite is the Right Choices Corn Maze.  While other corn mazes offer more mature activities, like a Spook Maze, Right Choices is perfect for families with young kids.

We met up with a local homeschool group and spent about 4 1/2 hours at the farm.

There was so much to do and since it wasn’t busy, we enjoyed taking our time doing all of the activities.



We started out on the “Corn Jump.” The kids loved this and I loved how much energy they burned while jumping on the big “pillow.”  In retrospect, we should’ve done this last so that they wouldn’t have been so hot and sweaty for the rest of the day.

Next up was the “Outdoor Classroom.” I don’t think this is something that they always do, but since it was a homeschool field trip, it was really nice to sit down and hear some fun facts.

They told us some history of the farm and a little bit about the Native Americans who lived on the land many years ago.

We read a few passages from the Pumpkin Patch Parable.
IMG_1632 IMG_1693

We talked about what all a seed needs to grow and produce.  We listed the similarities and differences between pumpkin and corn seeds, as well as their fruit.


And all the while, Bear couldn’t stop staring at the tractors down in the field.

IMG_1629 IMG_1625

We headed down to jump on the hay ride that carries you to the pumpkin patch.


Once we got to the pumpkin patch, we stopped and the driver talked to us about the pumpkins.  This year, the farm had to use beehives on the farm.  Since we had so much rain, they wanted to ensure that all of the plants got pollinated.  He did a great job of teaching the kids about the importance of pollination and how a beehive works.

IMG_1643 IMG_1647


The view from the pumpkin patch was gorgeous!

IMG_1645 IMG_1644

After the hayride, the kids were ready to go down the slides.


One was quite a bit faster than the other, but Bear was still able to old onto his “Sour Straws!”


After several trips down the slides, the kids had worked up an appetite. We hadn’t brought a picnic, like we’d planned, so we bought some food from the concession stand. I was happy to find that the prices were very reasonable. Our crew of 3 adults and 3 kids all ate for $17!


We enjoyed a peaceful lunch on one of the many picnic tables that are nestled all around the farm.


This little guy wasn’t too happy that he had to finish his hotdog before he could join Miss Manners on the tire swings!


We relaxed in the shade for a little while, then decided to check out some of the free activities on the farm.

  IMG_1633    IMG_1741 IMG_1903

A small cave, petting zoo, fun tractor, hay fort and an antique broom shop

  IMG_1734 IMG_1683

We climbed to the barn loft and got to see the beautiful farm, from a birds-eye view.

IMG_1681 IMG_1679

After that, we shot the corn cannon.  Who knew that launching ears of corn at giant targets could be so fun?


We browsed the shop, checking out the goodies that are grown right there on the farm, as well as several handmade decorations.

IMG_1762 IMG_1765 IMG_1675

Then we started the quest to find the perfect pumpkin. There were PLENTY to choose from!

IMG_1766   IMG_1670IMG_1767

Next year, we’re going to try to grow our own pumpkins!

IMG_1672   IMG_1800

Next we tackled the corn maze.


Then we enjoyed the “Hay Climb.”


Bear couldn’t stop climbing long enough to look at the camera!


Not surprisingly, Bear loved the cow train best!


We cooled off by splashing some water around the “Duck Race.” The kids had fun pumping the handles to see who could make the ducks “swim” the fastest.

IMG_1857 IMG_1859

Our last activity was the “Corn Box.” Thankfully, we saved it for last, since everyone somehow managed to get corn stuck in their undies. 😉

IMG_1893 IMG_1892

IMG_1886 IMG_1889

I talked the kids into a few more photos with the fun props before calling it a day.

IMG_1894 IMG_1884

We had an awesome day at Right Choices Corn Maze and we know you will, too!