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Field Trip: Outdoor Days {Day 1}

                                          Last month, we packed our bags and headed to Tablerock Lake for the weekend to enjoy Bass Pro’s Outdoor Days.  It was a 2 day event, that offered free camping at the beautiful state park.  Unfortunately, Miss Manners had a dental emergency on Friday afternoon so we spent the day in the dentist’s office, and didn’t get a chance to pack our camping gear.  Instead we stayed in our timeshare, which was thankfully located only about 10 minutes away. We are definitely looking forward to camping out next year, though.

There was so much to do and see that I will be doing a blog post for each day. Be forewarned that you are about to see way too many photos. 😀

There were tons of vendors, both big and small, set up all around the Tablerock Lake campgrounds.  They had buses to get you from one area to the next.

There was tons of hands on learning.  Each “station” had tons of information and resources that were full of exciting information.  I could sit here all day, telling you the details of each station and the fun little facts we learned, but instead, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Replicas and skeletons:

IMG_0908  IMG_0913

IMG_0984  IMG_0983

Live Animals:

IMG_0920  IMG_0925

IMG_0926  IMG_0917

Crossbows (at moving “duck” targets), slingshots, Disc Golf, lassoing, bow and arrows:

IMG_0943  IMG_0941

IMG_0951 IMG_0992

Panning for treasures (Miss Manners found a shark tooth!):

IMG_0979  IMG_0981

Digging for (and identifying) fossils:

IMG_0972  IMG_0968  IMG_0974

Bounce Houses:

IMG_0955  IMG_0964

Segway Fun:

IMG_0995    IMG_1003

The next “station” had even more fun!

Pony rides and a petting zoo:


An extreme skate and bike ramp:


Firing Range, with tons of great help:


IMG_1065    IMG_1060

And plenty of smiles:

IMG_1047  IMG_1046

The next stop was a dreamer’s paradise.

There was tons of amazing camping gear, all completely out of our price range. 😉

IMG_1082  IMG_1086

Well, I guess we could afford a tent…


Luckily, there was some fun here, too.


IMG_1088  IMG_1096   IMG_1095

And a gorgeous view of Tablerock Dam.

IMG_1074  IMG_1132

The next stop was the hatchery, but we decided to skip it, since we could visit it anytime.

Instead, we jumped ahead to the next station, which our absolute favorite of the day.

Moonshine Beach was covered with sponsors, vendors and activities.  We quickly bypassed most of them, stopping at only the booths the kids begged to see.  We were quickly running out of daylight and we wanted to hit as many interesting activities as we could.

Miss Manners and Bear insisted on stopping at the metal detector station.  They had so much fun, digging for treasures in the sand. Each participant got to keep 3 treasures.  Miss Manners found a coin, a single earring and an arrowhead charm.  She was thrilled! It doesn’t take much to impress her. 😉

IMG_1232  IMG_1237

We ventured out onto the peninsula, surrounded by kayakers, to the Indian demonstration.


The Indian demonstrations were amazing.  They were so much better than what we’ve experienced at our local Pow-Wows. They went into details about their costumes, dances and customs.  The performers were from all over the US.

IMG_1157 IMG_1169

IMG_1171 IMG_1190


We enjoyed the entertainment for over an hour and could’ve stayed much longer. As the dancers came to a close, we headed toward the massive teepee.  It was simply stunning, covered in authentic tools, decorations and clothing. We spent another half an hour just visitng with the man inside the teepee.  I LOVE stumbling upon a person who wants to share their knowledge with my kids. He was a goldmine of information and was so patient and kind to us.


He shared every little detail of each item in teepee, as well as facts about building a good, strong teepee.  It was an awesome time!


IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1202 IMG_1205 IMG_1207 IMG_1208 IMG_1209 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1212 IMG_1213

When we left the teepee, we decided we couldn’t leave without trying Indian Fry Bread.  Boy, were we glad we did! It was delicious.  The ladies told us that it was created because they were only given a few basic ingredients from the government rations, so they created this  versatile bread.


Our day ended with a fun demonstration of a blow dart gun.  This kind man even allowed the kiddos to give it a shot.

 IMG_1224 IMG_1226


 The first day of Bass Pro’s Outdoor Days was long (7 hours!) and busy, but so much fun!
Stay tuned for even more fun from our weekend.