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Famous American Charades Game & Printable

Have you ever dreamed of an easier way to teach your kiddos about the important people of the past? Sure, they read all about them in history books but do your kids actually retain the information about these great folks? One way to ensure they are really learning is to play our “Famous American Charades” game for kids. It’s quick, easy and totally free!

Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July or just looking to add some fun to your history class, this game is sure to be a hit. Adults will enjoy playing just as much as the kiddos!

Take history to a new level with this super fun "Famous Americans" charade game for kids! From Dolly Parton to Abe Lincoln, have fun while proving your American-ness! #4thofjuly #america #partygames #freeprintables

Famous American Charades Game for Kids

How to Play:

It’s simple! Just print out your FREE copy of the “Famous American Charades” game for kids using the instructions below. Next, cut out and fold each of the 50 famous American’s name and place the slips of paper in a bowl. Each kiddo will get the chance to draw a famous American to act out.

Using words, but no names, kiddos will try to get others to guess their famous American. You can choose if the kids get to draw names at the beginning of the game, allowing them to plan their performance, or wait until it’s their turn to draw a name.  One kid will act out their famous American while the others guess. Use accents, names of places or historical dates to give your clues.

       There are two ways to  score points:

  • Be the first person to correctly guess the famous American being acted out.
  • When someone else guesses your famous American. This gives the presenter incintive to do a good job of acting out their person.

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Add Some Props:

For some added fun, provide a box of props for each presenter to use during their act. We like to throw in everyday items from around the house, as well as costume-type clothing. For instance, when acting out Dolly Parton, you can grab a wooden spoon to use as a microphone. Paired with a fun wig and bandana, guessing should be a breeze for other kiddos.

Dive Deeper:

If your kiddos don’t know who any of the famous Americans are, use this opportunity to educate them. A quick 5 minute YouTube video will give kids a glimpse into who these historical figures were. Best of all, you can count these hours of fun as history in your homeschool!

Get Your Free Copy of “Famous American Charades” Game for Kids:

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Take history to a new level with this super fun "Famous Americans" charade game for kids! From Dolly Parton to Abe Lincoln, have fun while proving your American-ness! #4thofjuly #america #partygames #freeprintables

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