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Family Chores without a Fight

Teaching financial responsibility is sometimes harder than it should be. After fighting to get your kiddos to actually complete their chores, you certainly don’t feel like counting out your pennies to pay them. If only you could make chores fun, maybe kids wouldn’t mind doing them so much. Unfortunately, chores will always be chores. No matter which way you spin it, folding the laundry will never be a thrill for kids. And sweeping the floor doesn’t look too promising either. 

One of the main reasons we decided to homeschool our children was so that they would have life skills. As a newlywed, I had NO idea what I was doing. My mom had cooked all of my meals, cleaned my bedroom and done all of the work around the house. With 4 kids, she worked hard so that we didn’t have to do much and could enjoy our childhood. However, that backfired when I didn’t know how to wash my husband’s clothes. (Thankfully, he had done his share of chores as a kid.)

I received Homey for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are 100% my own.Homey makes family chores a breeze, with bite-size instructions and easy-to-pay allowances.

After a few months of being shown around a kitchen, taught the laws of the laundry room and learning basic upkeep of our home, I finally started to get it. Don’t get me wrong, I still call my mama to find out what to do when the chicken is too dry or the faucet won’t quit dripping but I’ve learned a lot over the last 13 years as a wife and mother.

But in our home, family chores are an important part of growing up. As part of the family, you are expected to pitch in and help out. We had never gave an allowance but our girls are getting older and I wanted to begin teaching them that hard work is rewarded. The obvious way to do that is to pay them an allowance. After all, they do the majority of the housework in our home.

A few weeks into our new routine, I knew that I’d have to adjust some things. The kids were considering their chores completed while I would consider them half-done. They weren’t doing everything I expected and I knew exactly why.
When assigning the kids their chores, I had said “You clean the bathroom and you clean the living room.” Then I was annoyed when they hadn’t dusted or emptied the trash. My kids weren’t trying to be disobedient. They had simply never been taught what all is expected to be done when cleaning.

So I set out on a search to find a tool to help us become better workers. I was thrilled to find the solution to my problem and so much more.

Homey makes family chores a breeze, with bite-size instructions and easy-to-pay allowances.

Introducing Homey:

The Tool That Gets Family Chores Completed without a Fight

Homey is a wonderful app that helps to motivate your children to finish their chores completely. No more forgotten tasks or exaggerating their cleanliness. With Homey, chores are broken down into bite-size chunks that makes it easy for kids to know what is expected from them. For instance, instead of being told to just “Clean the bathroom,” they now have each task at their fingertips, making expectations clear. The kids can look at the app and know they are expected to wipe the counters and sink, clean the mirrors, empty the trashcan, swish the toilet, change the hand towel, sweep the floor and check the toilet paper in the bathroom. Breaking the chores down into manageable tasks has been a game-changer for our family. It has helped my kids grow their confidence in their work and is teaching them to do a thorough job. They actually love using Homey!Homey makes family chores a breeze, with bite-size instructions and easy-to-pay allowances.

One of my favorite features of Homey is the ability to prove their work is done. I don’t need to spend the day running around the house, inspecting each room to ensure the chores are complete. Homey has a fun and encouraging way to make sure the kids are completing their chores without making a lot of extra work for mom.  Once the kids have finished a chore, they simply snap a pic of the completed area and send it to the parents. The parents will receive the photo in their app and can approve or deny the job.

By integrating technology into chores, kids actually enjoy doing their chores. I love that I can send a message to the kids to let them know what else needs completed before I approve the chore. I can also use the messaging feature to encourage them and tell them what an amazing job they are doing.

One of the benefits of using Homey is that you can choose whether or not each task is a chore or a responsibility.

Chore: Something the child is PAID to do

Responsibility: Something that is expected of the child but they will NOT BE PAID to complete

In our home, the kids are not paid to clean their bedrooms and their bathroom. That is part of living in our home and they are responsible for their own spaces. However, they do earn an allowance for keeping the living room and kitchen clean. Even though they are expected to do these chores daily, they are paid for completing them.

If you have a chore that only needs done every once in a while, you can set it up in Homey and add it when needed. In fact, Homey chores come in packs of premade chores. While you can use the “School Days”pack for normal cleaning, you can also purchase the “Spring Cleaning” pack. This will ensure that all of the cleaning gets done when YOU choose. And have no fear, you don’t have to use all of the chores in a certain pack. You can mix and match and choose which chores work best for your family.

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Paying Allowance for Family Chores has Never Been Easier!Homey makes family chores a breeze, with bite-size instructions and easy-to-pay allowances.

Homey is as easy to use as it is convenient. There isn’t a huge learning curve, as one might expect. It took me under 30 minutes to set up our family’s chores and responsibilities. In just a few minutes each day, I can approve or deny my kids’ chores.
But that isn’t the best part! If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to actually keep track of how much each chore pays, who completed what and how much I owe each kid at the end of the week. I would always end up paying them $10 each because I just couldn’t keep track of it. But, sometimes, it took me a few days to actually remember to go to the bank and get out cash to pay them.

With Homey, I can connect my bank account with the kids’, if I choose. This makes payment SUPER easy! Even if they don’t complete all of their chores for the week, they will still get paid for the chores they did complete. This has really helped them realize that the harder you work the more you are rewarded.

The allowance feature allows kids to separate their allowance into “savings jars.” They can choose to save up for a new bike, save for a trip or simply place a percentage of their money into a savings account for the future. Seeing their savings jars fill up is a great motivator and helps kids learn financial responsibility.

Want to learn more about Homey?

Of course you do, because it’ll make your job as a mom and chore-master so much easier!

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Homey makes family chores a breeze, with bite-size instructions and easy-to-pay allowances.